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Question:Is it possible to be filled with the Holy Spirit but NOT speak in tongues? I am really frustrated because people keep telling me all I need to do is receive the gift of speaking in tongues. I keep trying to receive the gift, but I can't speak in tongues. I have had wonderful experiences and times with the Lord, and was even able to stop taking medications that I used to need. I feel I have been filled with the Holy Spirit, but still no tongues. In the Bible Paul said "Have you received the Holy Ghost?" and the people said "What Holy Ghost?" Then he just laid hands on them and they received the Holy Ghost. Why can't I???

Answer: First let me say that you are not alone in your frustration concerning receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

One thing that people tend to forget, most notably those people that are trying to encourage you to simply receive, is that it is a GIFT from God. It is HIS to give to whomever He wishes when He feels the time is right. In proper society, no one begs for a gift, and no one demands a gifts. God is sovereign, which means He has His own time schedule and He doesn't answer to anyone. Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues isn't something you can control.

Yes, it is possible to have great experiences with God and feelings of emotional bliss and still not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. God loves to bless His people!

My advice to you is to quit focusing on the gift and instead put all your efforts into worshipping the giver. What the Lord wants most is your love. Lavish the Lord with your praise, worship, and love. Worship Him because He deserves to be worshipped, not because you are expecting Him to give you a gift. Continue working for the Lord with all your heart. Pour yourself into His service, and let Him bless you as He sees fit. I've watched many people receive the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues and almost always it was while they were truly worshipping the Lord, NOT when they were agonizing over it, or being pressured by other people to receive it.

God bless you as you continue to love Him and desire His best!

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