The Haas Family Christmas Letter
December 2002

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Does it look like we're getting older? Well, I won't mention Mom and Dad, but it's not hard to tell the little ones are certainly growing. (Click the picture for a closer view.)
    Although one has left the nest, the house seems noisier than ever! Now how can that be? Well, I think it has something to do with little boys. I'm convinced they will fill God's need for mighty trumpets in the land!

E-mail me! Heidi (27 - Switzerland) - I have just worked this year. Nothing at all special. All I do is work to come back home now and enjoy the Swiss culture.
    My German has gotten pretty good, say all my Swiss friends.
    Oh, yeah! And I've been giving an awful lot of massages lately! Everyone discovered I can do that well...from hospital co-workers to friends to cancer patients! Gave a young cancer patient my age an hour massage the other day!

Check out my web page! Monika (24) - 2002 has been quite an exciting year for me. This year I started off the school year by taking on the responsibility of homeschooling Peter (age 9) with Bob Jones University video school. It's been quite a challenge. There is so much to learn!
    I still have a daily battle with the pain and exhaustion that's involved my fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. BUT I've also had some added sunshine fill my life. There's a very special person now involved in my life. Jason has been a wonderful support to me throughout the past year, and I really believe he's a gift sent from heaven for me.
    Thank you to everyone who's kept me in prayer. Your prayers are appreciated very much. Do write me.


Rosemarie Rosemarie (15) - I've followed some of my long-term goals this year pursuing drama and music. After a summer of church camps and long days with my best friends, I started my first year of high school, which, I admit, was scary at first. I found a group of Christian teens who helped organize a wonderful turnout for See You At the Pole.
    I joined the drama department and got to perform in Shakespeare's MacBeth. What fun! I loved it - from building sets to sword fighting, and even running lights and sound. I learned a lot of skills and how to work with many types of people.
    I can now play my own songs on my guitar, which is great. I've learned a lot this year and hope it sticks with me.

Paul (11) - Whenever I have a spare minute, I head for the computer. (I think I somehow inherited the urge from Mommy.) But don't worry, because I'm not always just killing time. I love to use my computer to write stories, and it's not always a homework assignment. It's something I enjoy doing just for fun.
    Every other Saturday, Mommy and I go take our violin lesson together. Don't tell her, but I think I'm doing better at this violin thing than SHE is.
    On Wednesdays, I enjoy practicing with our children's choir and attending the Christian scouting program at church. I had a great time at Camp Blessing this year. I can't wait until summer rolls around again!

Peter (9) - That's me! Mommy told me to tell you, if you ever get real lonely, she'd be glad to loan me out for a day. I'm great company!
    I begged Mommy to let me do homeschool this year. Monika's been letting me earn rewards for being good in school. One time I even collected enough points to earn a watch. It's so hard to sit still in school. My favorite subjects are lunch and recess.
    I've been singing in children's choir and going to our Christian scouting program at church.
    This summer, I went to Camp Blessing for the first time. On the last day, we had a water balloon fight, and I got soaked!

Barbara (Mom) - In February, I was privileged to finish writing my part for the production of Dad's Unshackled! Radio Drama, which was aired in May of this year.
    In March, I taught my first Internet ministry workshop and did one more workshop in November. What a challenge, considering I'm not a public speaker.
    In June, I spent a few days in Florida, arriving unannounced at my blind, widowed friend's home on the one-year anniversary of her husband's death. I was deeply moved to be able to get her back in church after many years' absence. Then in August, I enjoyed a trip to the beautiful Appalachians with my sister and was able to spend one refreshing week, away from all responsibilities.
    For several months, I was deeply involved in organizing a women's conference at our local church. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes work, and God richly rewarded me with a powerful time of refreshing during the sessions.
    After receiving a number of requests, I've just begun formatting our weekly Bible stories for printing and hope to have a book published shortly.
    I've been on a vegan diet and feel so great without that extra weight. I credit several periods of prayer and fasting with the strength I've found to carry on an extremely heavy ministry load. Thank you profoundly for all your prayers and encouragement.


Chaplain Mario (Dad) - Many times I've wondered what we've really accomplished going into prisons, because it's really hard to gauge prison ministry accomplishments. It's then the Lord reminds me that He is the One Who keeps the books.
     The greatest highlight of our ministry is when I minister to prisoners, speaking face-to-face, leading them in a sinner's prayer. My heart's cry is to point many more to our Savior and turn them from crime to Christ.
     After almost two years of hard work, I finally was able to get a new German language team together. I'm so pleased that I found a capable leader who has a burden for the German people. The reason I'm so delighted is because the German team was our original team when we started the multilingual site several years ago.
     It seems like the devil has pulled out all the stops and has lashed out against our teams worldwide. We feel it's 11:59 on God's time clock.
     By faith, we are binding together across time zones and language barriers. There are no boundaries with God. With Him, we are more than victorious. Your prayers, commitment, and financial support are certainly needed as we reach out together in love.


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