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December 1998

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Grandma Wilmerton Receives Her Crown

"I'm going to meet Jesus."

Barbara's Mom fought a four-week battle with pneumonia and mild congestive heart failure. A feeding tube had to be inserted because she had lost her ability to swallow, causing all her food to go straight to her lungs.
At noon on October 31, about a week after being released from the hospital, Grandma Wilmerton told the nurse on duty, "I'm going to meet Jesus." Then around suppertime, the nurse went in to check on her and found her sleeping peacefully. About three minutes later, at 5:35 p.m., she went back in and found she had died in her sleep at the age of 88.
Awesome that she knew where she was going!

Our Children Are Growing Up!

Heidi (23) - A gourmet cook, talented pianist and gifted singer, is studying voice. Last summer she attended the Institute for Vocal Study at Oberlin College. Not long ago, she won an award by a Cleveland music club.

Heidi's been working as a heart monitor technician and patient care assistant at a local hospital and going to school at the same time. She earned her EMT license and is currently studying to be a paramedic. Heidi seems to excel at everything she touches. Going to visit Kurt's family in Switzerland for the Christmas holidays.
Heidi deeply loves the Lord and has many opportunities to witness to co-workers. Looks like Mom but is a ditto of her daddy inside.

Monika (20) - Our socialite, makes friends easily. She has a lovely, inherited voice (not from her mother!).

She's attending her first year at Free Gospel Bible Institute in Export, PA. She worked in a Christian daycare and served as a volunteer at a local hospital. Here's a fine young lady, with deep Christian convictions and inner beauty.
Monika is our cleanie and she's a great cook. Her spiritual gift is serving. She is gifted with natural talent for fixing hair. Loves computers. Excels in spite of a severe visual handicap. Favors Kurt's side of the family in looks but is very much like her mother inside.


Rosemarie (11) - Our exceptionally gifted, fifth grade, academic whiz kid. An inquisitive, babbling brook which never runs dry, this gal keeps us giggling from morn 'til dawn!

Studying her second year in piano. The leader on the block. Loves computers. Just learned how to create web pages from scratch. (Need a lesson?) I plan to hire her as our Missing Link web designer.
A real pipsqueak - the runt of the bunch, just like I was. Her 7-year-old brother weighs more than she does! Favors both Kurt and me. Kurt's family tells us she's the spitting image of his mother.

Paul (7) - Our sweet, charming, gentle-spirited, head-taller-than-others, second grade kid. This kid weighed nearly 11 pounds when he was born. Obviously took after Grandpa Wilmerton's side of the family. He looks very much like a Wilmerton (Barbara's side of the family).

Loves computers. Never had a check mark for bad behavior in class. His spiritual gift is serving. Just mention you need something at the table and Paul's the first one to run and get it. We know God has a very special ministry reserved for Paul.

Peter (5) - A mega ditto of his daddy, both inside and out! We showed him Kurt's picture from when he was five years old, and Peter thought it was his own picture. The resemblance is uncanny.

This one's a real powerhouse - our biggest challenge. Has more energy than a pack of wild tigers. Peter has determination and a contagious, enthusiastic, vibrant spirit. He loves computer, too. Enjoys participating in the children's choir at church. Anything to be up front!
If we're going out, Peter's the one who always begs to go along. Always likes to be on the go like Daddy. We already know he'll be going places when he grows up!

Barbara (Mom) - As a stay-at-home mom, there's never a dull moment in my life. I've never understood how mothers can "run out of things to do" at home, because I've never been able to catch up on my to-do list. As a matter of fact, the list seems to get longer every day.

My kids call me a computer nerd because I enjoy spending so much time on the computer. I got lost somewhere in Cyberspace about five years ago. Then one day someone challenged me to make a web page by pointing me to an award-winning site of a 12-year-old. I said to myself, "If he can do it, I can do it."
I've really enjoyed the special ministry God has given me, directing over 100 Internet volunteers, translating sermons for David Wilkerson's ministry into over 25 languages. We use the English sermons for Bible studies in prison.


Chaplain Mario (Dad) - (I call him Kurt. We won't tell his age, but folks often mistake our kids for grandkids.)

Kurt's been busier than ever this past year with prison ministry and church and convention speaking engagements.
Lately, we've kept him running back and forth to the post office, mailing requested copies of David Wilkerson's Suicide book to suicidals. The Christmas holidays, which are depressing to many, have drawn quite a number of desperate souls to our free, online offer. Going high-tech, our ministry is reaching far more needy souls than we ever dreamed possible.
Kurt's been a wonderful support throughout the whole time when I had to run back and forth to see Mom at the hospital and personal care home, pitching in, helping care for the children. Without his encouragement and willingness to fill in the gap, I would have fallen completely apart.


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