Adult Delinquency  by Dwight C. Ritchie

Fathers and mothers, listen to me!
Who is to blame for delinquency--
You or your untrained girl or boy
Who turned to crime in search of joy?

Do you delight in obeying God
And train your child with reproof and rod?
Or does he grow from babe to youth
Devoid of the knowledge of Christian truth?

Do you take your children to Sunday school
To learn of God and the Golden Rule?
Or are they sent to a picture show,
Where most delinquent children go?

They learn of crime and of sinful lust,
But not of Christ Whom they ought to trust.
They learn to lie and to steal and kill
But not to love and to do God's will.

Who is to blame--you or your child,
If he turns to crime and becomes defiled?
Who should go to the prison cell,
The rope or the chair, and a burning hell?

God is your Judge in Heaven above.
He bids you repent, in His grace and love;
To turn from your careless, wicked way,
And start to study His Word and pray.

Forsake the world and the social whirl
And go to church with your boy and girl
O, parents, pause and listen to me,
For you are the cause of delinquency!

Used by permission
Old Paths Tract Society

God is your Judge
in Heaven above.

Straight Talk from Inmates

Texas. I am a newborn Christian. I'm really trying hard to live the life of having faith in God and not in Satan. I need help to find my true meaning in this life. I know God has a plan for me and I'm anxious to find out what that is.

Mickey (Texas prison)

   I came across your address. A fellow inmate allowed me to look over his inmate resource list. Your ad attracted me, so I wish to request as much information as I can on your programs.

Richard (Maryland prison)
(Continued on page 4)

I'm writing to you about getting some help regarding your life-changing programs. I will appreciate the service very much and I want to thank you in advance.

Pierre (New York prison)

   I really enjoyed Black Samson. I read the book in two days and it inspired me to call upon God. I'm writing to receive a free copy of How To Be Born Again. I hope from this book to become an instrument through the hands of God.

Donald (Ohio prison)

   I am currently serving 35 years in prison for breaking into a house in

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