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Fall/Winter 2002

Straight Talk from Inmates (Continued)

Dearest ones in Christ Jesus,

   My  main objective of writing is to bring to your knowledge the ugly situation I find myself here and to seek from you humanly and godly help.

   I am serving a 25-year sentence here in Thailand prison for illegally trafficking drugs.  In fact, I must confess that it was my mistake that I involved myself in this illegal business by listening to my worldly friends who lured me into this sin against God and humanity.

   It is really hell here, but I thank God for putting me here, for I have come to know Him more deeply. I have given my life to Christ Jesus. I believe that my being in prison here has made me a completely changed person.

   I plead with you to accept me for what I am. I have learned a great lesson here. I request that you pray for me, for God's mercy and forgiveness. I regretted my action so much. I pray that the Lord will show His mercy through you all.

   I've been here for ten years and I do not know when I will be freed.

Life is extremely difficult to survive here in a Thai prison.

   Here everyone struggles on his own to provide basic daily needs, like medication, clothing, toiletries and food as well. We are fed once a day on a 300-gram boiled rice with water soup. Please pray for us.

Franklyn (Thai prison)

   I am presently incarcerated for a crime I did not commit. I am here because I had exercised some bad judgment concerning an individual who lied at my trial.

   A year ago, I became a born again Christian. I never thought I could feel so free yet so lonesome at the same time. No one realizes just how truly lonely prison can be. Though I'm locked away, I feel more free today than the majority of people in the free world. They are in bondage to their jobs, their lust, covetousness. I am free to love, worship and to learn what God has for me. And He has sent you to help me to learn more about His Word. Praise the Lord!!

   I know I am loved with the unconditional agape love of our father.

Todd (Pennsylvania prison)
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"Life is extremely difficult to survive here in a Thai prison...everyone struggles on his own to provide basic daily needs."

"I thank God for putting me here…"