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May 1999 Edition

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In this issue...

  1. Associate Pastor in Prison
  2. Your Invitation Behind the Walls
  3. Chicken Soup Chaplain
  4. Touched So Many in a Bad Way
  5. The Lean Season
  6. From the Prison Mailbag - Feedback on Black Samson
  7. Feedback from Internet Folks - Let's open the e-mailbox!
  8. Excellent Resources - You won't want to miss!
  9. Helpful Links Around Our Web Site
  10. Free Ministry your request!
  11. Are You Online?...Send us your e-mail address.
  12. Memorial Gifts - To honor and remember people you love.
  13. Thank You to Our Prayer Backers - You're number one!
  14. How to Reach Us [Phone, fax, web, e-mail, or regular snail mail...phew!]
  15. We Need to Hear from You [Who me???...Yes, you!!]
  16. How Do I Subscribe to This Newsletter? [Free advice!]

Associate Pastor in Prison

From the pen of
Chaplain Kurt "Mario" Haas

Last week, I was privileged to take our associate pastor into prison with me. The 85 inmates were richly blessed by his ministry in song and in the Word. At the end of the service, 35 stood in answer to the call to give their lives to the Lord. The associate pastor sent us this grateful note of appreciation:

"Thank you for the opportunity to minister with you yesterday at the prison. It was a wonderful experience for which I am so appreciative. It caused me to see even more the value and tremendous impact of your ministry. It was such a blessing to see the response of the inmates at the altar seeking God."

Your Invitation Behind the Walls

If you're ever passing through the Cleveland, Ohio area, e-mail me at least 2-3 weeks in advance, so I can make arrangements with security clearance, to take you behind the walls for a firsthand glimpse of prison ministry.

Chicken Soup Chaplain

In Monday's chapel service, I took a poll among the inmates, asking them if I should discontinue opening with stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul. That caused an overwhelming response in favor of the stories. I guess that means I'll have to continue living with the nickname inmates have given me: Chicken Soup Chaplain. For some reason, I can't get through reading one of these stories without weeping. Soon I can see tears on the inmates' faces. These heartwarming stories never fail to soften hardened hearts in preparation for ministry from the Word.

Touched So Many in a Bad Way

When an inmate recently wrote me: "It just hurts that I've touched so many people's lives in a bad way," it keenly reminded me of the night, when, as a young convert, I felt the sting of those same words.

Before going to bed that evening, I found these verses in the Bible: "Woe unto him that giveth his neighbor drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also.... Thou art filled with shame for glory. For... violence...shall cover thee...." (Habakkuk 2:15).

Working for nine long years as a bartender and professional waiter, I had served many a customer intoxicating beverages. It seemed like the crushing weight of all those drinks came down over me in a wave of remorse and regret for having "touched so many people's lives in a bad way." I remember crying for what seemed like hours, over the terrible pain and misery I must have caused so many lives and so many families. I remember the beautiful cleansing that came as I sought God's forgiveness and cleansing. He lifted the heavy weight of guilt and shame. What a wonderful Savior we serve!

The Lean Season

The lean season for nonprofits has begun - that period between income tax day and September. We're trusting the Lord to meet all our needs as we give our best in service to Him, spreading the Good News throughout the prison system and doing our best to leave a spiritual impact on the Internet, which continues to double in size every 100 days. It's here we're reaching far more than we ever dreamed possible.

Friend, your prayers and support mean more than we can express. Together, we will continue...

Bringing deliverance to the captive,
Kurt "Mario" Haas, Chaplain
The Missing Link, Inc.
P. O. Box 40031
Cleveland, OH 44140-0031
440-960-1871 Voice/Fax
online @

Make us your Christian starting point on the Web -

Chaplain Mario's true life story.
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From the Prison Mailbag

Letter to Chaplain Mario

"I greatly appreciate your taking time to write and also steer me in the right direction. I do have real hope and I pray, but there is still this ache, worry inside of me. Is this that I just have a healthy fear of God now?

"I walked through this world and life without even stopping to think. For 33 years, I've stumbled. Don't get me wrong. There is joy and hope in my heart, and I know Jesus died for my sins, for the world's sins. It just hurts that I've touched so many people's lives in a bad way.

"This past month, it seems like it's been one struggle after the other, and at times I felt that I should throw in the towel. After reading the Bible more, about the struggles of the people of the Old Testament, I realized that I hadn't given anything my all. I have been a quitter, a giver upper, a throw-in-the-towel type of fellow my whole life.

"Now I truly want the Lord in my life always and I enjoy when it's just Him and I. Maybe that is selfish, but when we are alone, I can cry or I can sing and that's when I'm at my strongest. Your talking with me helped me. I only hope to continuously give that devil a black eye." - Robert (Ohio prison)

How to Pray for Robert

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Feedback from Internet Folks

Let's open the e-mailbox!

"I'm interested in your [suicide] book. My life is very difficult! Please send me one!" - Rahel [Switzerland]

* * *
"Please send a free copy of 'Suicide' to me. I've been having such a hard time that I've been staying with friends so they will keep an eye on me. My life is just spinning out of control right now and I can't seem to get happy about anything. My parents don't support me in anything and life just seems meaningless. I'm hoping that this book will help." - Cristina [New York, USA]

* * *
"I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!! I put it as my home page because it's so useful and resourceful." - Jared [USA]

* * *
"What a wonderful site! I can't wait for the weekend so I can check everything out!!! I am passing it on to all my family and friends!" - Charlotte [USA]

* * *
"Thank you. I live alone, out on a lonely farm in England. To be able to receive the word of our FATHER at a touch of a button is truly a blessing for me." - Derek [England]

* * *
"I am the woman who asked you about leaving a violent husband. I found your [link to the] booklet When Violence Comes Home. Thank you so much for this information. It has answered a lot of questions for me. Please pray for me as I seek God's will and direction." [USA]
* * *
"For the last month, I have felt that I don't want to teach Sunday school anymore. My interest in it is gone. When I first started teaching, I loved it. Couldn't wait to get to it each day. Now I dread it. What in this world is the matter with me? I have had a hard time reading my Bible. I just have to make myself. I don't understand what is wrong. I tell the Lord all about it. I ask him to put a love back in my heart for the word, for the things of God. Yet when I try to read the Bible I find myself far away. I find myself in deep thought about something else. I find myself not wanting to do the things I use to.

"I just don't want to lose my relationship with Jesus. I don't want to fall away from him. It is so easy to do that if you aren't careful. It can happen so quickly that you don't even realize it sometimes. I don't know what is going on. Maybe you can help me." [USA]

* * *
"Thank you for your answer to my question. That you would even take the time to do that means a lot to me. Thank you for your dedication." [USA]
* * *
"I am a Christian High School teacher from Greece and I have been assigned to present a program on 'Drug prevention.' My aim is to show that the answer to drugs is Jesus Christ. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with this program, by helping me understand the biblical perspective on drugs and letting me have testimonies of drug addicts which Christ delivered them." - John [Greece]
* * *
"I just had to write. I went looking on the net for 'Bible.' I clicked on your area because I have two grandchildren that are unchurched unless I take them. Adam is 7 and April is 10. Over the years, I have tried telling them stories about God. Even though I know The Lord, I had a hard time putting what I knew and believed in words they could understand and maintain. I printed the first story 'The World That Was Just Right,' read it, and knew this was my answer. April and Adam always want me to tell them stories before they go to bed and I will be able to use these stories when they spend the night. It is well written...good thinking area, a verse to learn, and ending it with a prayer to God, then showing where it is in the Bible, so they know the story is true. This is wonderful." - Ann [USA]

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Excellent Resources

Don't miss the timely article "Why Are Kids Shooting Their Classmates?" written by a Christian military expert and published in "Christianity Today." If you have no web access, ask me to e-mail a copy of this resource to you.

Why Are Kids Shooting Their Classmates?

Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort
A must-read by every Christian! If you read no other book, read this one.
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Ray Comfort tells you why 80-90 percent of new converts never stay in church. You can listen to Ray Comfort's messages on the web at

When Violence Comes Home - Help for victims of spouse abuse

How Can The Church Respond To Spouse Abuse?

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Memorial Gifts

To honor and remember people you love.

This column will be used monthly to list gifts given IN HONOR or IN MEMORY of someone. Your name
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Corrie Lykken

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Merle and Marie Lykken
Alcester, SD

This gift was given in memory of their daughter, Corrie Lykken, who was tragically killed by a drunken driver.

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[ ] You have stirred my heart, please pray for me.

[ ] By faith, as God enables me, I will commit myself to a Monthly Faith Promise of $_______.

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