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This is a very personal page about me — Barbara Wilmerton Haas. (My maiden name is Wilmerton.) What a neat way to share a little bit about myself and my family! Who knows. I may even wind up writing a whole book one of these days!

I'll try to do this in chronological order. Prompt me if you think something's missing. This is a picture of me with the same accordion I've played since I was 10 years old.

Here's a picture of the real me!
My mom and dad - Bill and Helen (Petry) Wilmerton
A surprise story about a hard-hearted New York City cop
A moving letter from Dad to Mom
My favorite picture of myself - as a child
My family growing up
My high school- Division Avenue High School - Levittown, New York USA
Levittown, New York USA >- Where I spent some of my high school years
Bible college - Zion Bible Institute - Rhode Island USA (now Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill, MA)
What I looked like - when I first met Kurt>
The Miracle Wedding - April 29, 1972 (with picture)
>My husband - Kurt “Mario” Haas
My family
My children
A letter I wrote to my son Paul when he was 12
My church - Broadway Assembly, Lorain, Ohio USA
Our family ministry - The Missing Link, Inc.
My sister Claire's home page - Claire (Beam) Goodwin
Some Wilmerton Family History (for the really brave and curious!)
My ministry project - David Wilkerson's multilingual web site (Watch out! It's massive!)
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376514: Creating a Web Site: Design and Build Your First Site!
Creating a Web Site: Design and Build Your First Site!

My kids sent me this award. Such great kids!

Amazing Mom

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