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Our Purpose and Mission

To provide counseling and other services to incarcerated adults and juveniles to help them become productive citizens; to minister to the needs of families who have a member in prison; to provide encouragement and guidance to persons recently released from prison; to use the experience gained in such work to help guide young people from paths that lead to prison; to carry forward all of such services in the spirit of the Christian religion; and to do such other things as are appropriate in connection with the foregoing.


This full-time Internet and prison ministry, based in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1983. The Missing Link concentrates on linking troubled youth and adults with life-changing programs around the world, through their 24-hour-accessible, online database of Christian residential programs. Round-the-clock practical help for troubled youth and adults, and those who minister to them, can be found on their web site. Their online Lorain County Free-Net Chapel, original home of David Wilkerson's Times Square Church Pulpit Series, is filled with preventive counseling and a host of resources for new, struggling, and growing Christians, and even includes an award-winning Children's Chapel, which features a growing repertoire of Bible stories and over 150 family-friendly links for children. Our weekly Bible stories are now being sent to over 10,000 e-mail subscribers in more than 220 nations, reaching from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Our Swiss founder's background

Chaplain Mario, a Swiss evangelist, was converted to Christ from a life of alcohol addiction through “Mom” Wilkerson of the New York City Teen Challenge. He holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling through Ashland Theological Seminary and is a licensed professional member of the American Correctional Association. He is fluent in English, the Swiss dialects, German, French, and Italian.

Chaplain Mario is affectionately known within the prison system as the “Chicken Soup” Chaplain. He's gained this title because of his popular, tearful readings from “Chicken Soup for the Soul” at the beginning of each of his chapel services. Inmates readily relate to these heart-warming stories of courageous people who climbed impossible hurdles, when life was against them - stories that reopen the heart and rekindle the spirit. There's hardly a dry eye after these stories, which God has used in a remarkable way to reopen the hearts of hardened criminals.

[To learn more about Chaplain Mario and how it all began, follow this link. To learn more about his wife, go to About Me.]

Brief description of activities

Full-time ministry to prisoners and to those who live in prisons of their own making. Bibles; Bible studies; life-changing literature; film and video presentations; counseling; correspondence with prisoners; prison, street and church ministry; crime prevention assemblies; referral services; coffee house, street, and prison ministry training.

How to find your way around our site

We've designed our site to be a great Christian starting point on the web. Bookmark it so you can return later on.

You'll notice two blue panels running down the left and right sides of the page. Inside the left blue panel are links to The Missing Link web site, our family ministry that specializes in linking troubled youth and adults with life-changing programs around the world.

Inside the right blue panel are links that lead to our online Chapel, the Lorain County Free-Net Chapel, which is the original home of David Wilkerson's Times Square Church Pulpit Series.

Inside the white space in the center of our home page are links that lead to news, weather and Christian resources off our site. Also, in that right blue panel, you'll find links to our Chapel Library which is full of links to scores of Christian resources. This one page alone will keep you busy for days!

What The Missing Link provides

Counseling - Chaplain Mario concentrates in crisis counseling with troubled youth and adults and has a heart for encouraging weary pastors. Drug addicts, alcoholics, sodomites, prostitutes, juvenile delinquents, hardened criminals, inmate families, those with suicidal tendencies, and burned-out Christians are those Mario deals with on a regular basis. All counseling sessions are centered around God's Wisdom and sound Biblical principles.

Training - Chaplain Mario enjoys helping pastors start up, revitalize, and train volunteers for coffee house, street, and prison ministries. His passion for reaching the lost is just plain contagious! He has helped train police officers and prison guards in understanding criminal behavior. He has given inmates valuable training on reentering the workforce and can offer them a job opportunity that requires no background check.

Crime Prevention - He has presented drug abuse seminars for police and the public. Chaplain Mario has some shocking film and video presentations on how wrong choices can lead to a life of heartache and misery.

Referral Services - We provide links to life-changing programs. By “Life-Changing Programs,” we mean Christ-centered live-in programs which help troubled youth and adults overcome addictions and deviant life styles.

Emergency Services - [Currently, USA only]: If there's been a death in the immediate family of an inmate whose location is unknown, we can try our best to help the family locate the inmate. They will need to provide us with the inmate's complete name and the state(s) in which they believe the inmate can be found.

There is no charge for this service. However, a donation to cover the long-distance phone calls involved in finding an inmate would be much appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible here in the United States and can be sent to the SnailMail address above. If you are able to locate inmates in another country, under the same circumstances, please contact us on the Internet at the above address.

Contact Information

Web site - misslink.org
Chapel Site: misslink.org/chapel2.html
Updated March 19, 2024

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