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"Why the name?"

The Lord Jesus Christ is The Missing Link in every sinner's life. He is the only One who can link them with eternal life. As The Missing Link, we are eager to link every sinner with the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Where are you located?"

We are located in North Central Ohio, USA, right off the coast of beautiful Lake Erie. (contact information)

"How can I help?"

"How are you supported?"

We are not funded by any grants or foundations. Financial support comes from individuals, churches, ministries, and organizations who believe in what we are doing. All gifts are tax deductible and deeply appreciated by those who are hurting.

You may donate online through Paypal below or call now to donate: (440) 282-1683.

You can help support the family behind this prison and Internet ministry by shopping at their Online Christian Bookstore and Swiss Valley Shopping Mall. Your support is profoundly appreciated and will save you money.

"How can I find out more?"

You may contact us through one of the methods listed previously and request a recent newsletter, a ministry brochure, a reply envelope for giving, and/or request to be added to our mailing list. Be sure to give us your complete, regular mail address.

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