A Special Tribute to Mom Wilkerson
by Chaplain Kurt Mario Haas
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'Mom' Wilkerson - the one who never gave up on me

A Special Tribute

Chaplain Mario with "Mom" Wilkerson
~ the one who never gave up on me ~
on her 85th birthday

Wherever we go in life, we leave footprints, whether it be good or bad, and 33 years ago, "Mom" Wilkerson left not only her footprints in my life but lovingly, after many months of sharing the love of Christ with me, led me to the Master's Feet. Yes, "Mom" believed in me and never gave up on me. Thanks, "Mom," for sharing the Light with me. Now I'm sharing it with others.

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The two who never gave up on me
The two who never gave up on me.
Left to Right - Faye Mianulli, Chaplain Mario, "Mom" Wilkerson

"Mom" Wilkerson receives her crown

Date: Tue Jul 15 1997
From: Barbara Haas

We just received this message in a fax on at 10:00 o'clock this morning (Ohio time).

Ann Wilkerson's Obituary

Services for Ann Wilkerson, 89, Garden Valley, are scheduled for Thursday, July 17, 1 pm, at the Caudle-Rutledge Funeral Home, Lindale (Texas), with her sons, David and Donald Wilkerson officiating. Burial will be at the Lindale City Cemetery.

Mrs. Wilkerson died 2:15 am, July 15, 1997 at her residence. She was born July 24, 1907 in Cannonsburg, PA to Andrew and Marie Martin. In 1928 she married Kenneth Wilkerson and together they served Assembly of God churches in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1960, after the death of her husband, she joined her sons in New York City in the Teen Challenge Ministries serving as the counselor. There she helped to establish a Coffee House ministry in Greenwich Village. In 1975 she moved to Garden Valley where the World Challenge Ministries is headquartered, retiring in 1991 because of illness.

She is preceded in death by her husband, Kenneth and a daughter, Joan Kloss. Survivors include three sons, David, Jerry, and Donald and a daughter Ruth Harris, 17 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren, two brothers, Frank and Milan Martin and nieces and nephews.

Visiting hours will be Wed. 6-8 pm.

"Mom" Wilkerson was well-loved by many she ministered to through her coffee house and street ministry in Greenwich Village and through countless letters in her later years.

One day "Mom" was conducting a street meeting in a park in the Village and had drawn a very large crowd. The police came by and warned her to break it up or they would have to get the paddy wagon. "Mom" answered, "Go get the paddy wagon," and the whole crowd laughed.

Then she would obediently break it up and tell the crowd, "If anyone wants to hear more, I'm going down to the Lost Coin." Many would follow her. She was a great, fearless soul-winner and was respected by even the rowdiest people in the crowd.

My husband Kurt was saved through the ministry of "Mom" Wilkerson, who for 8 long months, put up with his endless questions at the Lost Coin coffee house in Greenwich Village, New York.

Every time Kurt tried to sidetrack her with another question, she always brought him back to the question of being born again. The other workers in the coffee house tried to give him literature but he would never accept any literature from anyone but "Mom."

Kurt really gave everyone in the coffee house a terrible time with his cursing and sidetracking questions, but "Mom" would never put up with his foolishness. He was drawn to her tough love and kept coming back to hear more.

Then the workers started a 24-hour prayer chain for the stubborn Swiss. One day, Kurt was handed a newspaper full of articles and pictures, reporting the return of Christ. In a panic, Kurt found a phone booth and called "Mom's" house. There was no answer. He then dialed the Teen Challenge Center, and, to his relief, a worker answered the phone and told him "Mom" was sick and wasn't answering the phone. He had thought Christ had returned and taken "Mom" away and left him behind. He was relieved to find she was only sick.

You can read Kurt's testimony here.

Brother Donald Wilkerson, who originally served on our Missing Link board, e-mailed us and told us his mom had suffered several mini-strokes, was bedridden and coming in and out of consciousness, no longer recognizing anyone. She had a very strong heart and went for many days on only water but suffered no pain and was on no medication before she died.

Barbara Haas, Webmaster
Lorain County Free-Net Chapel
Home of David Wilkerson's Times Square Church Pulpit Series

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