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Ask a Minister - Find answers to gnawing spiritual questions!

~ A place to find answers to gnawing spiritual questions ~

Ask me a question! Ever wanted to ask a minister a spiritual question but just didn't have the courage to do it? Well, here's the place to find answers to hundreds of questions already asked! To view questions and answers, start by choosing a category below. Sorry! We are not accepting any new questions. Answers were prayerfully prepared by a team of 30 anonymous ministers, who served as our Chapel volunteers. (No, David Wilkerson did not answer these questions.)

Please remember, Ask a Minister is for genuine seekers; this is not a place for arguments, personal advice, or counsel. Seek personal advice and counsel from your local pastor; Ask a Minister is limited to spiritual questions.

Newer questions can be found under the link to Recent Questions. If you need some immediate answers, please seek the counsel and advice of your local pastor or try the resources below.

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Ask a Minister - Find answers to gnawing spiritual questions!

If you need some immediate answers not found on this web site, follow the links below or use this handy search engine to lookup Bible verses by topic:

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