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By David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson You're just plain chicken! Ever have someone yell that at you? The nickname "chicken" is one of the most-used slang expressions of the twentieth century.

In plain talk, chicken means coward! To teenagers, a chicken is a deb, doll, or daddy-o who is bugged up with fear. He is is afraid to die, afraid to go all the way, afraid to follow the herd. They call you chicken if you won't smoke. You are chicken if you won't drink, and chicken if you won't rock and roll and swing with progressive jazz. You are chicken if you can't brag about your indulgence in shameful sex. Today a teenager who refuses to act like a heathen is considered a goofer from outer space.

Prisons and reformatories are overflowing with teenagers who have been indicted for murder, assault and battery, drug addiction, and immorality. And many of these teens boast,

"At least I'm not chicken."

All across America, shocked and heartbroken parents are asking their unwed pregnant daughters, "Why did you do it?" The foolish answer: "I didn't want to be chicken."

Our highways are overrun with teenage hot-rodders playing the chicken game. They race down the middle of the road toward each other's car -- and the first one to get off the white line is chicken. During 1959 in one state alone more than 25 teenagers died playing chicken.

Pittsburgh streetcar operators were shocked by teenagers who stood on the tracks refusing to move when a speeding streetcar bore down on them. They told police they were playing chicken -- the first guy to jump off the track was chicken.

Teenagers are being lured and seduced into sin and corruption by other teenagers who have sold out to the devil. Some cool operator or slick chick will lead an innocent teenager into a trap and then jeer, "Come on. Whatsamatter? You chicken? Why don't you get smart?" A lot of teenagers are doing things now they would refuse to do but for one thing --

they want to be like the gang!

Teenagers are throwing their morals to the wind just so they will be accepted by big-shot sinners leading the herd to hell.

A real chicken is one who breaks down under pressure. One of these days God is going to put on the pressure. He is going to see how big and brave and smart teenagers will act then. The Bible says, "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment!" Every teenager will stand before almighty God on the judgment day. This will be real pressure. A lot of fellows and girls who aren't chicken on earth will really be chicken when they stand before God!

Every Catholic, every Protestant, and every Jew will stand before God and be judged for every wicked word that came out of his mouth and every sinful deed he did. When God puts on the pressure, "every knee shall bow...and every tongue shall confess." Every eye will behold Him on that great day. Every teenager who had no time for God or Jesus Christ will fall on his face and weep and cry and scream for mercy!

It will take you just three minutes to finish reading this little book --

but the next three minutes will be the
most important minutes in your life!

God is going to speak to your heart through this book. He is talking to you through the Holy Spirit right now. You are soon going to make a choice for all eternity.

The end of time is almost here. Everybody is talking about it. Everybody feels something world-shattering is about to happen. It is going to be worse than a hydrogen war. It will be worse than floods, earthquakes, famines, or other calamities.

God is warning people everywhere that the end of time is near. Communistic leaders are getting ready to push the launching buttons that will fill the skies with missiles. China is getting ready to march with its millions. Africa is shaking itself from sleep like a mighty giant. South America is rumbling like a panther. Crime, delinquency, drug addiction, sex, hate, and fear are spreading around the world like a cancer. Fear is causing heart attacks around the world. The Bible says, "When you see these things begin to come to pass, then look up...for your redemption draweth nigh." Jesus is coming soon.

But the world has been scared so many times that most teenagers are no longer afraid. At the very brink of eternity, the music is getting louder, the curses stronger, the dances faster, the joking and laughing dirtier and cheaper, the loving more vile, the smoking and drinking heavier. But worst of all, hell itself is breaking out in high school halls and in the hearts of teenagers. Teenage gangs are rumbling and twisting across America.

You can throw this book away and try to laugh it off, but already you have read too much. You have heard the truth and you will never be able to shake off what you have just read. Conviction has gripped your soul and you are beginning to feel different. You know you have been putting on a big front. You know the end is coming, and you know you are not ready to meet God. You have to admit to yourself that down deep in your heart you are wondering what is going to happen when the end comes.

Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God? Read this next paragraph carefully -- your life is at stake.

The Bible warns all the world in Revelation 6:12-17 that after Jesus comes again there is going to be a great world-splitting earthquake. The sun will become black as velvet cloth. The moon is going to turn blood red and the stars of heaven are going to fall on the earth. The sky is going to roll apart. All the mountains and islands are going to rock and reel and slide out of their places.

And then suddenly a blinding light will
shine from God's throne and every
sinner will be forced to look at the
face of the Christ he rejected.

Read it for yourself. It's in every Bible.

Every teenager who refused to surrender his life to Jesus and serve God will try to run and hide when that day comes. The Bible predicts you will scream and cry for the rocks and the mountains to fall on you and hide you from His face. But there will be no place to hide.

Go ahead. Keep on sinning -- rock and roll, smoke, drink, swear, play with sex, act big and brave, act like you don't need Jesus, act like everything is going to be all right. *But don't you ever forget that one day soon you will have to look into the face of Jesus!* One day your fun will turn into terror!

Remember, a chicken is one who breaks down under pressure. A chicken is afraid to die. But the Bible says, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." God is putting the pressure on you right now, teenager. Forget what the other teenagers think of you. They can't stand before God and do you any good. Why pay attention to them now?

One of these days soon you may pick up the newspaper and read these headlines: "MILLIONS MISSING -- ALL OVER THE WORLD." The angel Gabriel is soon scheduled to blow the last trumpet -- and then suddenly Jesus will come. All the followers of Jesus will disappear in less than one-fifth of a second -- the time it takes to wink an eye. Babies will be missing from mothers' arms. Christian people will vanish. Teenagers will be running through the halls in schools looking for their Christian friends but they will be gone. The radio and TV sets will be buzzing about the mysterious disappearance of people from every nation.

The Bible says that when you least expect Jesus, then He will come. The Bible also tells us "there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left." The Christians will be taken -- the sinners will be left. Are you going to be left behind when Jesus comes again?

Are you going to get ready to meet Jesus now? Or, are you going to be chicken?

You did not get this message by accident. You are one of many teenagers getting this message all over the world. There is only one way to be ready to face the dark future: give yourself to Jesus Christ. Receive Him as your Saviour. Accept Him into your life as King.

Here is how: confess your sins to the Lord Jesus with your mouth. Repent and be sorry for all your sins. Forsake your wicked way of living. Call on Jesus and ask Him to come and live in your heart. This is the Bible way to be saved. The first move is up to you. God will meet you halfway. Pray this prayer from your heart:

"Jesus, I admit I'm a hopeless and lost sinner. I need you.
Forgive all my sins. I confess them all to you right now.
I know you can and will forgive them. I believe on you, Jesus.
I accept you into my heart now as my own Saviour.
Thank you, Jesus, for hearing a sinner's prayer
and for the gift of eternal life you have just now given me.

If you really want to know more about getting ready to meet God, write today.

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