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Introducing the New Adventure Series—

Hang on for the ride of your life!
Hang on for the ride of your life!

"The Chosen Ones"
Fiction Adventure Series
by Brian Carlisle

Click here to begin a journey of spell-binding reading!When the Forces of Heaven encounter evil in the world that is affecting the Body of Christ, they do battle if it is Satan and his angels. But if the perpetrator is a man, driven by his own depraved nature, then they call in the "Chosen Ones."

The "Chosen Ones" is a secret Christian organization that is dispatched at heaven's command. Their mission is to stop evil which is endangering the Church. They have two choices: Stop them by conversion...or by force!

Join Amanda, age 16, as she is trained by an angel named Angela, who, in human form, resembles a ten-year-old girl. Then later, the two girls are joined by Benjamin, an 18-year-old missionary's son. Together they will travel the world as they battle lions, dictators, the Russian Mafia, witch doctors, assassins, demons, communists, and terrorists, just for starters!

The Adventure Begins Here



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