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You Can Have a Miracle!

Part Two

By David Wilkerson

Do You Need a Miracle?

What is it going to take to straighten out your life? You know that no doctor, psychiatrist, or any other human being can change you. You need a miracle! You need a super-human power to break all your habits and put a new mind in you.

Jesus Christ loves you as much as He loves Nicky, Israel, Sonny, and Jacque. He doesn't play favorites, and He never turns anybody down who calls on Him for help. Jesus said: "Him who comes to me, I will not cast out" (John 6:37).

Jesus knows exactly where you are and what you are going through, and He cares about you. Maybe there was a time you got really down, and in desperation you called out to God. Maybe it was late at night, when you were lonely or at the end of your rope. Maybe you were thinking about suicide -- you were so mixed up and hurting.

Was there a time when you prayed to God and you thought nothing happened? You got the impression God didn't hear you -- or maybe you were not good enough for God to help you? The trouble is, you didn't really want to change and become a new person -- you just wanted temporary relief from your hurt.

Jesus doesn't work that way. He isn't interested in patching you up -- instead, He wants to make you over into a brand new person who is not a slave to sin.

The Bible says, "If anyone gets into Jesus he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!" (2 Corinthians 5:17 Living Bible).

I don't care how good or bad you are -- you need a miracle. I don't care if you are a junkie with the biggest habit in this city -- you can have a miracle in your life. I don't care if you are a drag queen, a sadomasochist, a drunkard, or a homosexual -- you can experience a miracle, too.

Are you divorced, confused, or out of work and feeling all alone and rejected? Do you get the feeling there's no future left for you, and all you can hope for is to make it through the day? It doesn't matter to Jesus Christ! You have the potential of becoming a new person, with new hopes and dreams, and a future so great it could blow your mind. It is all possible through faith in Jesus Christ. Just ask people who have experienced His miracle power in their lives. It's not a joke! It's not a phony trip. It's as real as the sun, moon, and stars.

Why not start getting hungry for this miracle power in your life? Aren't you even curious enough to find out if it's really true and possible for you?

The Devil Can't Hold You

When Christ died on the cross, he destroyed the power of the devil. Jesus Christ walked all over the devil and made him weak and powerless. Jesus won -- the devil lost! The Bible says the devil has no right to keep you as his slave.

"The Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil..."
1 John 3:8
Living Bible

Don't ever think you can't walk away from your evil habits and sins. The devil can't make you do anything, if you decide to get into Jesus Christ and let Him do your fighting for you. Satan would deceive you into believing you are powerless to resist. He wants you to think you are never going to get out of the mess you are in. But not so! All you need to do is remember that Jesus died on the cross to set you free from Satan's power -- and then call out to Him to take over your life. He will do it!

The Bible says,

"Whoever Christ sets free is free indeed"
John 8:36

Why do people resist the call of the Holy Spirit? Why do they keep on ignoring Christ and go on living in misery and pain? Mostly because they are stubborn.

I used to think that the love of a secret sin kept people from accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. But now I know that some people wouldn't answer God's call even if Jesus Christ appeared to them in the flesh.

God is not mad at any sinner -- whether drug addict, alcoholic, homosexual, gambler, massage parlor operator, adulterer, or otherwise. The only thing that angers God is premeditated resistance -- trying to stop Him from getting through to them. I have four children, but I can't help any of them if they won't even listen to me. You can't help anybody who shuts you out. And God can't work a miracle for anyone who refuses His love.

Sinner friend -- you are loved by God as much as the holiest Christian on earth. He doesn't call you unfit or unworthy. He calls you His friend. But if you continue to build barriers and hang up on Him -- you will die in your sins.

God never damns a soul! Man damns his own soul. You cannot stop God from calling you! You can't stop Him from sending someone to you to put tracts and books into your hand. You can't stop Him from speaking to you through radio or TV. You can't stop people from praying for you. All you can do is shut it out!

To God, no man is hooked by sin -- no man is hopelessly addicted -- no man is forever given over to Satan's power. To Him, there are only two kinds of sinners -- [1] those who are lost and want to be found, and [2] those who are lost and want to stay lost.

No sinner can say, "God gave up on me. God forsook me. God quit talking to me. God quit thinking about me." Not so! He's been there all the time! He's been shouting -- calling -- knocking on your heart's door -- but you have been refusing to answer! You won't even go to the door. You are in there somewhere with your friends, playing, saying, "Let Him knock -- let Him call. Let's don't be disturbed. Maybe He'll get tired and go away."

Finally -- you can't hear His call -- like those who grow so used to noise, they can't hear it!

What an unbelievable situation we have now! People prefer darkness to light. They prefer emptiness, despair, hangovers, addiction -- to a new life of miracles in Jesus Christ. Christ knocks at the heart's door with an offer no intelligent person should refuse -- an unbelievable offer, so great it staggers the mind. Yet, people slam the door in His face, preferring the devil's company.

On Judgment Day, I believe the first question Christ will ask the rejector is -- "Why?"

"Why did you turn down My offer that could have made your life fulfilling? Why did you prefer your evil friends and sinful habits? You must have had a very good reason -- let Me hear it!"

I wonder if God will ever understand the reasons mankind refuses His love and forgiveness.

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