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God's Simple Plan of Salvation
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Date: 07 Aug 97
Robert Mark Porter
To: "Missing Link, Inc.

Dear Mrs. Haas:

My father preached through tears. He was so moved by the thought of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for him on the Cross, he could not restrain the tears. In 1929, my father studied the Bible in the Holy Lands for three months. He was in Jerusalem 11 days. When his tour group visited Calvary, he stayed behind to reread all the passages having to do with the crucifiction. He told us from the pulpit, many times, that after reading the four accounts he was so moved with emotion that he could hardly stop crying. He said it was as though he could hear Jesus say: "Yes, Ford, and it was for you." His studies in the Holy Land changed his life and his ministry.

My father wrote God's Simple Plan of Salvation fours years later. His heart had become so burdened for the lost, he had to have a means by which he could witness in every home in Princeton, Indiana, where he pastored the First Baptist Church. It was then he wrote the tract. He told the printer that 2,000 would be all he would ever need . . . one for each of the 1,800 homes in the city with 200 left over . . . which he thought he could get rid of some way. See how the Lord has turned his burden for one little town into a burden for the world. Now, over 508,000,000 have been distributed world-wide. GSPS is the only gospel tract we publish.

Used by permission.

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Please, if you have a testimony of how this tract has helped you or another, send your testimony to Robert Mark Porter or mail it to him at the above address.

Testimony of Hitler's guard.

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