Lorain County Free-Net Chapel

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Here's where you'll be able to find a Bible, Bible Study, Discussion Board,
Bulletin Board for Christian Events & Alerts, Teens' & Children's Chapels,
Prayer Requests, Library of Articles, Book Reviews, Online & Offline Christian
Resources, Ask a Minister.

The Lorain County Free-Net Chapel is a place for saint and sinner alike to
find peace and rest for their souls. Many have called it a stream in the desert on
the Internet.

Slip into a pew, allow the Word of God to minister to your deepest needs.
Then go to The Altar, lay your heavy burdens at the Foot of the Cross, and let
God and Christian friends offer you the hope and comfort that are so difficult
to find in these last days.

"I need urgent help right now!"

Please slip into a pew after you have a look around.

Copyright 2001 - The Lorain County Free-Net Chapel
North Central Ohio, U.S.A.


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