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Russian exchange student speaks out about Christian Rock

I've been an exchange student in the United States. I was lucky to get into the Christian family and fully experience the traditions of evangelic Christianity which are rooted up into the history and structure of this country. But I am sorry to say I constantly encountered the signs of trouble going in the Christian community.

Recently I got an opportunity to visit Billy Graham's Crusade. I was extremely happy to see and listen to one of the greatest preachers the American evangelism has ever known. But all my visit turned out to be strongly disappointing. Instead of the traditional Christian songs and hymns I heard the loud, noisy rock music. It was frightening to me. I don't understand how the degrading and perverted principles of rock could be transferred to the Christian community. Someone said that Christians must keep up with the world. I answer — it's wrong. Bible teaches us to set apart from the world and not to succumb to its decay. I think that kind of gatherings smear the true meaning of evangelic meetings and I will strongly oppose to them coming to Russia.

Signed by an anonymous Russian exchange student

Christian Rock - Music From Hell!
Driven To Darkness by David Wilkerson

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