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23rd of April, 1996

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In this issue...

  1. Amazing Vietnamese Gospel Link - Death-Row Inmate's Family To Hear the Gospel!
  2. Free Web Page - Update
  3. Free Web Counter [No kidding!!!]
  4. Straight Talk from Inmates & Others - Let's open the mailbox!
  5. Free Ministry your request!
  6. Jason, Our First Internet Link to Life-Changing Programs...High-tech ministry!
  7. Black Samson Goes to Press...Life-Changing Book for Prison Distribution
  8. From Our E-Mailbox...Around the world!
  9. Russian Pastor Helped...We linked him with Russian materials.
  10. Over 1,000 Visitors to Our Web Site Featuring David Wilkerson's Sermons
  11. Are You Online?...Send us your e-mail address.
  12. Memorial Gifts - To honor and remember people you love.
  13. Thank You to Our Prayer Backers - You're number one!
  14. How to Reach Us [Phone, fax, web, e-mail, or regular snail mail...phew!]
  15. We Need to Hear from You [Who me???...Yes, you!!]
  16. How Do I Subscribe to This Newsletter? [Free advice!]

Amazing Vietnamese Gospel Link

Death-Row Inmate's Family
To Hear the Gospel!

[Quang] Talk about high-tech ministry! Quang is a Vietnamese, death-row inmate, in Holman Prison, located in Atmore, Alabama. For a number of years now, we've been ministering to Quang through visits, letters, and phone calls. He has come to know the Lord in a very dear way.

Recently, Quang wrote us, asking if we could somehow reach his family in Vietnam with the Gospel. How would you like that assignment? Sound a little impossible to accomplish?

Not with the recent addition of Internet ministry.

Quang, death-row inmate in Alabama,

holding a boat he made

We immediately sent a plea up to two missions groups on the Internet where top missions leaders come together from around the world to share their resources and pray for each other's needs. Within a matter of days, we found a message in our e-mailbox that had come all the way from a missions group in Thailand. The message said, "We would be happy to ask our co-workers in Vietnam to share the Gospel with this family."

Quickly, we sent the information with Quang's brother's address to this missionary. Since then, two more missions groups have also responded to our plea. We are now in the process of deciding who will go so efforts are not duplicated.

The story gets even better here. Our missionary contact tells us he's pretty sure there's a church planted in the same town in which Quang's brother lives. This dear brother shared with us the amazing revival going on in Vietnam.

"In 1987, 15 Christians were hungry to find out more about God and God's power. They were members of a conservative church. The church was afraid of these people hungering to know more of God and so they put them out of fellowship.

"These 15 believers in Saigon continued to meet together and experienced some powerful and wonderful times with the Lord in the coming years. By 1991, when I first went to Vietnam and met them, their church had already grown to about 800 members scattered throughout Saigon.

"From 1991 to 1993, the leader, a dear friend of mine, was put in prison for his Christian faith and because he refused to stop telling people about Jesus. By the time he was released, the church had grown from 800 to about 5,000! Now, in 1996, the church has grown to 15,000 members and they have many churches in different cities across Vietnam.

"These believers are very humble and godly people. It is always a great blessing to me to meet with them. They are also very bold and aggressive and the government cannot stop them spreading Jesus' words to all corners of the country. There is not only this group but several others in Vietnam with similar testimony and amazing growth.

"Because of Communism, the people in Vietnam, especially in the countryside, are very empty inside and so they are eager to hear about God. There is not so much Buddhism as in the old days and so the people have a spiritual gap inside." (From a missionary in Thailand.)

Pray that this great move of God in Vietnam continues. Pray for the protection of Christians and especially Christian leaders. They have suffered much persecution.

Pray for the ones who will carry the Gospel to Quang's family in Vietnam very soon. Pray for their protection and pray for God's anointing on their ministry. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of Quang's family to receive the Gospel.

Pray for Quang as he sits on death row. Pray that God will make him a strong Christian and a strong witness to other inmates and prison staff. Pray for God to give him a song in his heart and a peace that passes all understanding.

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Free Web Page


Many of you may remember reading about free web pages in our last newsletter. Well, if you contacted GOSHEN for a free web page and haven't heard from them, take heart.

The people at GOSHEN have been understandably swamped with requests. We advise you not to e-mail them because they are far too busy to handle all the e-mail requests they receive. The best way to contact them is to call them at [504] 989-5890.

If you can find someone to create your web page for you or if you can create the web page yourself, the process will move along lots faster.

It's really not that hard to create a web page. There are children on the Internet who've created their own web pages. As a matter of fact, one 13-year-old won an award for having a web site voted in the top 5 percent of best web sites on the Internet. If he can do it, so can you!

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Free Web Counter [No kidding!!!]

While we're on the topic of free stuff, someone recently told me about a place where you can find a free web counter service. This service counts the numbers of visitors to your web page. The only catch is, once your web counter hits 100,000, they want you to pay for their service.

You can find out more about this free service by visiting the Web Counter web site at

To create a web counter (using, I clicked on 'create' from their homepage. Then I moved down the page to the creation form. I inserted a name for my counter like "chapel" and then entered a password, my e-mail address, the URL for my website, and the title of my web page. I clicked on "create counter" and waited a few seconds. If it came back with an error, I knew I had to select a different counter name because that one was already in use. You simply insert the counter name you chose, like this:

(NOTE: You must replace "#" with "<" and "$" with ">")

Visited #img src=""$ times since March 16, 1996#/b$ #A HREF=""$(Web Counter)#/a$#p$ #p$ [Replace "chapel" with counter name.]

They ask you to credit them on your page in exchange for using their free web counter service. That's all they ask. Later on, you can go back and query the counter for a neat little report. Don't forget your password or you won't be able to do that. Try it out on a test page. It's really not hard.

[If you have Netscape, you can view the html code on our web page to see exactly how it's done.]

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Straight Talk from Inmates & Others

Let's open the mailbox!

"Even though I have slowly begun to try to find my way back to the Lord, I'm too far away still. So I write you that you might pray for us and send us the copy of Rock Bottom." - Kathy [Ohio]

* * *
"I received Christ into my life in Sept. of '94 with the help of one of your people, Dodie. She is so wonderful what she does at Lorain County Jail. I will always be grateful." - Cynthia [Ohio]

* * *
"I found your address in the Christian Resource Directory. I need assistance from your ministry to find out about programs for alcoholism and drug addiction for long term care. Please send me more information on your ministry." - Terrance [Rhode Island]

* * *
"Thank you for your service to the incarcerated and their Chaplains."

Glenn D. Lee
Chief Chaplain
Georgia Department of Corrections
Macon Correctional Institution

* * *
"You asked about my view on God. Well, I kind of believe in God, and I'm studying religion in school, too, but I don't really know. So I would like to hear about your view on God more, and everything you want to tell me, so I could be sure about different things." - Kirsi [Finland]

[The above is an excerpt taken from a letter received by our daughter Monika from an e-mail friend. We told Monika she's a missionary to Finland without even going there.]

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Free Ministry Brochure ... at your request!

A free, descriptive ministry brochure is now available to present The Missing Link to your friends and your church, school or civic organization. Please send a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope when you make your request. That will really help us.

Address your request to:

Ministry Brochure Request
The Missing Link, Inc.
P. O. Box 40031
Cleveland, OH 44140-0031

If you want an on-line edition of our ministry brochure, you can find it at our web site:

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Jason, Our First Internet Link to Life-Changing Programs

High-tech ministry!

[Jason] Jason was the first one to fill out our Preliminary Application for Program Entry straight from our web site. He completed the application form and then faxed it back to us. Through several e-mails and phone calls, he was placed in the Cleveland Teen Challenge.

Pray for Jason that God will deliver him from drugs and his bad association with gangs and make him a strong Christian. Pray for his parents that God will make them good examples for him to follow.

Jason on his
21st birthday

As we were going to press, I received this e-mail message from Jason's mother: "Jason sounds good in his letters. He is adjusting. I thank God that he has this opportunity to turn his life around."

Jason wrote home, telling his parents about a Good Friday service they had gone to, about how he is singing in church now - that's a first! - and about how he is learning about Jesus and a lot about himself.

This update on Jason just arrived in our e-mailbox

From: Mary Brown
Date: Wed, 19 Jun

Hi Barbara --

We saw Jason at Teen Challenge on Saturday. He continues to do well and is on track to "graduate" in early August. What a difference the Lord has made in his life!

Mary Brown

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Black Samson Goes to Press

Life-Changing Book
for Prison Distribution

[cover photo - Black Samson]
One of the most effective ways of spreading the gospel that I have seen over the years is through the distribution of books like Black Samson. I have seen books touch the hearts of prisoners and bring them to Christ. The books have often been passed from prisoner to prisoner.

Black Samson tells the real life story of a prisoner in Zaire, Africa, whose conversion is no less remarkable than that of the Apostle Paul. It demonstrates the power of the gospel to change the life of a hardened criminal. God changed the heart of this man, a savage murderer feared by other prisoners, transformed him, and used him to win thousands for Christ. I believe that the Spirit of God has used the story of this prisoner to convict the hearts of many and to lead them to Christ.

We want to distribute 10,000 copies of Black Samson among various institutions. The books will reach far more than one prisoner for each book, as they are passed from person to person.


You have helped us reach our goal of 10,000 copies! Black Samson will be going to print within the next few days. Although the printer gave us the price quote two years ago, he's going to honor that price, in spite of the tremendous increase in paper costs.

Please be much in prayer that God will mightily use this book to bring many to the foot of the Cross.

Click here to find out how you can subscribe to a free online, chapter-by-chapter, subscription to this exciting book!

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e-mail From Our E-Mailbox

Around the World!
Subject: Pleasure going thru' your OnLine Newsletter

"It sure was a wonderful pleasure going thru' your OnLine Newsleter. And I sure am glad I did stumble onto it. And a pleasure to meet your family as well....

"I am working in a company in Singapore. I find your ministry has much relevance and information to what I am currently involved in; ministering to a family whose father is in jail. I write to this father in prison as well.

"Your 'DOs and DON'Ts on writing Prisoners' was a wonderful help. Sometimes, I really wonder what should I write and what shouldn't I write.

"I am particularly interested in the Bible stories that you have for children. I am sure they would be really beneficial to his two little daughters." - S.C. [Singapore]

Editor's note: I just wrote S.C. and told him he can now get our Bible stories from our Chapel on the web. This is so exciting, reaching all the way into Singapore! We never could have dreamed of going there as missionaries.

* * *
"I am asking for prayer for my son. He is in a correctional institution. Would you please pray that he will continue to read the Bible and keep his sights on God.

"He has been sick since Thursday and he doesn't get to see a nurse or Doctor till Tuesday. Please pray that God will watch over him. Please lift him up in prayer. God knows what he wants for him. His name is Mike.

"Also, would you include the rest of my family? We all need your prayers." - R. O. [Ohio]

Editor's note: Chaplain Mario was able to visit Mike and leave a Bible and Bible study with him. He found him genuinely hungry for God. He needs our continued prayers.

* * *
"I would like to ask you if you know of any WWW-site where I can Download sermons please let me know. Can you please lighten me up on this subject." - The Netherlands

* * *
"To: The Missing Link, Inc. If you have more information about this ministry, please send them to my email address." - Indonesia

* * *
"I (and my wife) am interested in finding out if THE MISSING LINK, INC. could provide ways to assist with reconciliation with our teens." - Ohio

* * *
"A member of my church is on his way to prison (20 months, federal) for something he did before he gave his life to Christ. Please let me know what kind of ministry resources your ministry has available to help us." - Ohio

* * *
"I would be most interested in information you have about corresponding with inmates. I am in the situation right now of having a friend in prison." - Canada

* * *
"I would like to know more about the work of Missing Link, Inc. I am French, and not totally familiar with the American society and Church." - France

* * *
"I'd like more information on your programs for youth. I have a 14 year old. He needs help, and so do we."
- Arkansas

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Russian Pastor Helped

We linked him with Russian materials.

"I am a missionary in Central Asia serving in the Country of -------.

"My Pastor loves to get Reverend Wilkerson's teachings. However he only speaks Russian. He has been able to get some material from Moscow in Russian and I am writing you to ask if you know other possibilities. I would appreciate any help you could give.

"Pastor has a church with over 800 members and preaches very similar to Pastor Wilkerson. He has followed the Pastor's teachings for a long time now and has a powerful Ministry.

"Thanx for all the help you have been in posting the sermons and hope to hear from you soon." - M.F. [Soviet Union]

Editor's note: We were able to link this missionary online with just the resource he was asking for.

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Over 1,000 Visitors to Our Web Site Featuring David Wilkerson's Sermons

After being sick for a number of days, I was shocked to find we had over 1,000 visitors to our web site that features David Wilkerson's sermons. That's 1,000 visitors within a two-week period!

People are hungry for the Word of God. Many tell us they are downloading and then printing out the sermons and distributing them to others. Some tell us they are even preaching these sermons in their churches. Many receive these sermons in countries where there wasn't an opportunity to have Bible college training.

The most encouraging response came from a burned out missionary who had stumbled across our web page. He said the sermons were like finding water in the desert to his soul. They relit his spiritual fire.

You can find these sermons from our web site by choosing to visit The Lorain County Free-Net Chapel, which is yet another Internet outreach of The Missing Link. The sermons are under the Bible study area.

Ask us how you can have a FREE online subscription to these sermons.

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Are You Online?

Send us your e-mail address

[globe] Send us your e-mail address. You can now subscribe to this newsletter online and receive it in your personal e-mailbox. You can also view it in color on the World Wide Web.

Thank you letters and receipts can be sent by e-mail, saving our ministry the cost of stationery, envelopes, addressing, and postage. Plus, e-mail is faster than regular mail.

Follow this link to be placed on our e-mail list:


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Memorial Gifts

To honor and remember people you love.

This column will be used monthly to list gifts given IN HONOR or IN MEMORY of someone. Your name
(if desired) will be published along with the person's name whom you are honoring or memorializing.

In Memory of:
Corrie Lykken

Given by:
Merle and Marie Lykken
Alcester, SD

This gift was given in memory of their daughter, Corrie Lykken, who was tragically killed by a drunken driver.

If you wish to designate a "Gift in Honor," or a "Gift in Memory," please clip and mail this coupon, along with your gift, to:

The Missing Link, Inc.
P. O. Box 40031
Cleveland, OH 44140

Your Name:_______________________________________


City, State, Zip:____________________________________

Person you are (Check one)  [ ] Honoring or  [ ] Memorializing:

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Thank You to Our Prayer Backers - You're number one!

We couldn't stay on the frontlines without your prayer support. Please remember, your prayers are VITAL to this ministry and much appreciated. We know as we unite together and believe Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, great things will be accomplished for the Kingdom of God. Let's continue to keep our chins up and our knees down!

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How to Reach Us

[Phone, fax, web, e-mail, or regular snail mail...phew!]

World Wide Web Address:

Snail Mail:

The Missing Link, Inc.
P. O. Box 40031
Cleveland, OH 44140-0031

FAX: [440] 960-1871
Telephone: [440] 282-1683

Your help is so much appreciated!

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We Need to Hear from You

[Who me???...Yes, you!!]

Hey, thanks for taking the time to show your interest! You can return this form by e-mail, snail mail or fax - whichever is most handy for you. By the way, your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

-------------------------------------------------- cut here----------------------------------------------

Chaplain Mario,

[ ] I will faithfully do my best to remember you and The Missing Link in my prayers each day.

[ ] You have stirred my heart, please pray for me.

[ ] By faith, as God enables me, I will commit myself to a Monthly Faith Promise of $_______.

[ ] Use my gift where needed most.

[ ] Please provide me with envelopes for giving. I'm enclosing my regular mail address.

[ ] Please contact me, I want to help with a special ministry need.
(See Premier Online Newsletter.)

[ ] Please send me information on an affordable Christian alternative to health insurance.*

[ ] Please send me information on how I can save 30-50% on my long-distance phone bills.*

*Beloved, I only mention these to provide you with a way to give these tremendous savings to missions! These programs are not a part of The Missing Link. We only refer these as a service to you.

Important: Please provide a business-size (#10), self-addressed, stamped envelope for this referral information. Your SASE really helps save our ministry time and money. Thanks for being so considerate!

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