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Ha! Bet you're wondering why in the world we've got all these Swiss links on a site that is dedicated to helping troubled youth and adults. Well, the reason is because our founder and president, Chaplain Kurt "Mario" Haas, is from Switzerland. Since I'm his wife and happen to be this webmaster, I enjoy finding links to all this helpful stuff from Switzerland for his enjoyment and yours.

The list got so long, I finally broke it up into two columns so you could see more at a glance. One important point: The links below all open in a new browser window so you can easily return to our site.

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Swiss Yodeling

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Instructions: Use your windows\mplayer.exe file to listen. (More on yodeling below.)

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Gott het d Wält so lieb dass er sy einzige Suhn häreggä het; niemer söll verlore ga wo a ihn gloubt; nei, er söll ds ewige Läben übercho —Johannes 3 16
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