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Rescuing Children in Romania and bringing them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

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Photo Album #3

Laura (8) (above) has only been with us one month. Her mother has no place to stay and was without a job. Laura has a sensitive spirit toward the Lord.

Mariana (age 10)
No family but these three brothers.

We are visiting Mariana's village

Many times in the hospital

Visiting Mariana's village

Best till last - Mariana today

Mariana (10) had been abused many times. She was found at the train station and brought to us. Mariana has some learning problems and also some mental and sexual problems. Pray especially for her.

Luminita 10 years old
Luminita (age 10) does well in school

A few days after arriving

Luminita today
Today, Luminita is a changed girl

Luminita's mother is in prison; her father is alcoholic. She played the part of Mary in the Christmas program and gave her her to the Lord during the Christmas season. Today, Luminita is a changed girl.

Christina's mother brings her to Casa Shalom June '97 First Place in her class Christina (far left) arrives with her mother who is very sick with cirrhosis of the liver. We soon discovered that Christina is an excellent student.

Please pray for her mom and her to accept God's will. (Left) Christina receives First Place in her class in June of 1997.

Alice age 11
Alice (11)

Alice will stay with us until her mother finds a house. She has only been with us for one month. She learns quickly and has lots of talents. Pray for her mom; she doesn't have an apartment and works hard. Very open to the spirit.

Tanta and Elena
We find Tanta (14) and Elena (12)

after one year
Tanta and Elena after one year

Tanta today
Tanta today

Elena today
Elena today

Tanta and Elena with their mother
After six years, their mother
meets them outside of church
one Sunday morning

Elena (12). Her mother left her when she was six years old. She is behind in school but is learning very well this year. She gets good grades in school. She played the part of Joseph in the Christmas program and gave her heart to the Lord at Christmas.

Tanta, Elena's sister, has mental problems, an inferiority complex and a learning deficiency. She tried to commit suicide last month. She does love the Lord. Pray for her.

Speranta and Raluca

Speranta (left) after one month at Casa Shalom. She is now back with her family. Raluca (15) (right) has no family. She was given away at birth. The lady who raised her was killed in 1997. She is also behind in school. She has been with us for six weeks.

Pray for our staff

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