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Rescuing Children in Romania and bringing them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

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We Need Your Help

Pray for us -- for the children, for Joseph and me and our staff, that God will be glorified in each of us and in all that we do, in those we reach out to.

Nicoleta - 4 Years Old The Children

The Children in our house need the fullness of Jesus' love and delivering, healing, restoring power to set them free. At this time they are:

Nicoleta (4) (left) goes to Kindergarten and is a very sharp little girl. Her father left her and her mother has a brain tumor. She is a sweet little girl but was very sick when we took her in last summer. Pray for her immune system to be strengthened.

Mihaela Mihaela (6) (right) is the sister of Nicoleta, she goes to Kindergarten and also loves to pray. She also needs a stronger immune system to be strengthened.

Nicoleta and Mihaela just before they came to us
Nicoleta and Mihaela
just before they came to us

Irina arrives Her first a long a bed
Irina was found at the train station. She is from an alcoholic family and has some learning problems. God has given her a gift where she receives songs from the Lord. Irina is seen on her first a long a bed.

She also wants to help
She also wants to help

Irina's first bath
Irina is taking her first bath

Today...sweet and lovely!
Irina today...sweet and lovely!

Andreea arrives
Andreea arrives

Andreea today
Andreea today

a changed Andreea
A changed Andreea

Andreea was found living under a piece of plastic with her cousins in a friend's garden. She has many deep wounds but God is working in her life. She is gifted in doing gymnastics.

Magdalena arrives
Magdalena (age 8) arrives

Visiting her sick mother
Visiting her sick mother

Magdalena arrives

Magdalena (8) arrives . She is in first grade, a very sweet but sensitive girl, she needs more confidence. Her father died and her mother is very sick. She is pictured visiting her sick mother.

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