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The vision for a children's home in Bucharest, Romania was birthed when a church from Germersheim, Germany came with relief aid in 1990. This was right after the Revolution. The Germans, whose organization was called the Festung (Fortress), were touched and moved to do something to help the scores of street children at the northern train station (Gara de Nord). They started a daily feeding program at the train station and in the meantime began to search for property or a building they could buy.

Make it plain upon tables,
that he may run that readeth it."
Habakkuk 2:2

It was on May 23, 1996 that the Lord spoke to me as I was sharing with my first co-worker about the vision God gave me. As I looked out over the field in front of our house, God spoke to me and said, "And even this field will belong to Casa Shalom."

At that time we were just managing the house for another organization. I had so many problems with the house there was little time to think about the vision God showed me that spring morning. Now, two and a half years later our house problems are solved and once again God is reminding me of the vision.

I already saw the house which we are getting ready to build this coming year. The vision had several big three-story dorms in it for younger and older children. There was even a home for some handicapped children. Then there was a little kindergarten and a Christian school for the children.

In one of the buildings, the children were learning to play instruments, sing and participate in Bible theater.

There were beautiful gardens and fruit trees everywhere. The older girls were being taught life skills. There was a building where the girls were learning to cook and sew. I saw things being sold out of this building. Then the same for the boys. They were learning construction and working with wood. There were also things being sold from this building. There was even a staff house where the workers could relax a bit. I thought that's quite amusing. Then for me, the most beautiful thing was the church right in the middle of all the other buildings. Everything seemed to lead to the church, even the little streets circled the church. The children were putting on performances at the church and the public was coming to see and hear from the little ones at the Casa Shalom Village.

It seemed so real, but at that time, in reality, we owned only 400 square meters of land. Since Nov. 1997, we have bought three little parcels of the land I saw in the vision. Now we have over 9,000 square meters of land. Right now we have almost one third of the land I saw in the Vision. This year we will begin construction on the first house which will be for the abandoned babies.

This brings so much joy to my heart to see God moving and using people that I have never met before to help fulfill the vision He put within my heart. This vision is so much bigger than me. Sometimes I feel so inadequate for such a task. Then I think about all the children here in Romania that have no future and have no hope. I believe God has been preparing me for such a time as this. My husband Joseph has been such a tremendous help this past year.

Our Casa Shalom girls are starting to play the Mandolin quite well. In a few years, if the Lord, tarries they'll be playing in that new church in the middle of the field. There are times I think, can God trust me? Then there are times I ask, can I trust God? Well, every day we are learning to trust Him for the 14 children, and we will trust Him the same for the 50, and the 100, and 200, and build as big as God wants us to.

I realize more and more that money is something we can only use on earth. It doesn't have any value in heaven. How we need to invest it wisely! How beautiful it will be to take a stroll on the streets of gold, hand in hand with some children you helped to reach for eternity. Let's build where neither moth nor rust can destroy. Help us invest in the life of a child.

"Please tell me more."

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