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Newsletter - June 2000

Casa Shalom children
Casa Shalom - the House of Peace

Positive Changes at Casa Shalom

All of us have been so busy lately that there has been little time to write and share all the good things that God is doing. We decided after four years of driving down our bumpy street and waiting for people to move their cars, horses, wood and materials so we could pass that it was about time for us to have our own private road.

In May the work began. It was amazing how quickly we found a company to oversee the work. In two weeks the road was finished. Now, that is a real miracle here in Romania. It's great driving on one of the smoothest roads in all Bucharest. Soon our entrance road will be finished, lined with fruit trees and lamps to light the way and with a watering system for our garden. Right now Gratian, Joseph's brother, is finishing the stone entrance fence along the main road. Then the children will have a safe refuge here at Casa Shalom.

David's Miracle

David's Miracle

On June 2nd our little David (age 5 1/2) complained of having a headache. We prayed for him and then left for a ministry trip. On our way we received an urgent call that David suddenly went limp, his fingernails and lips turned blue and his eyes rolled back as though his little spirit would soon leave his earthly body. Then a short time later he went into a coma and was in critical condition. It looked like a young life would be snuffed out. We were 60 miles away and felt so helpless. The End-time Handmaiden team (from Ohio) traveling with us joined in prayer and intercession for David.

It was six hours later we received the good news that David had come out of the coma. There was joy in the camp! After some tests the doctors found he has a kidney problem as well as head injuries from his early childhood, resulting in an abnormally high blood pressure. We could not find the needed medication, but by God's divine intervention on Sunday morning at church we found a pharmacist who was able to get the special medication for this emergency. Now, praise God, we see David improving daily. He is so weak he cannot yet talk, but when I asked him if he wanted a new bicycle, he squeezed my hand. We know God has His hand on David and has a special purpose for his life.

New Vehicle for the Ministry

New Vehicle for the Ministry For some time we have been praying for another van to use for our outreach teams, school and church use for our children and for our long trips to Germany for needed materials. My 1992 Ford was getting tired after traveling back and forth over the mountains with aid supplies the last five years. Just last month a dear friend of the ministry sent us money to buy another Ford van, this time an air-conditioned one. You cannot imagine how nice it is not melting in the summer heat. This vehicle is a tremendous blessing to the children and also for the summer teams coming to minister.

Guests At Casa Shalom

Guests We have been blessed with lots of guests from both Europe and the U.S. Our German friends were surprised when our children sang some German songs for them. In May we had Margie and Bob Walker and Pamela Stowasser with us from Virginia. Among other things, they surely helped me with the garden. Bob was an expert with the garden tiller. Margie had such a heart and compassion for the children. Pamela gave special piano lessons to them.

Guests Pastor Norman Schulz from Bentonvile, AR came to visit with Frank Bullock from Child Life International. They, too, were such a blessing to the Casa Shalom family. Frank has a ministry of feeding the hungry in northern Romania, and in addition has been a special help to us in some of our projects. Genovieva and Stephen Beattie, from Waynesboro, PA also stopped for a short visit. They do a wonderful work with children in lasi, Romania. Through them we got to meet some more friends from Washington State.

Guests On June 1st Patricia Abdalla came with an End-time Handmaiden and Servant team from Columbus, Ohio. They have seen and experienced many facets of Romanian life and our ministry here. God used them to touch many, especially the children, director and staff of a state orphanage. They have been like a breath of fresh air and rain for the weary. It has been a great time of fellowship for our Casa Shalom family.

Becky in U.S.A.

I will be in the States with Joseph until June 25 preparing for our interview regarding his American citizenship. It will be a very busy time for us. Thank you so much for your prayers & support for this ministry to children.

Becky Walsh, Director
Casa Shalom

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Attn: Casa Shalom
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Rebecca Dan-Walsh
str. Donitei 15, sector 6
Bucharest, Romania

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