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Newsletter - July 2000

Casa Shalom children - all 15 of them!
Casa Shalom children - all 15 of them!

Heatwave Hits Bucharest

Most people would normally fry eggs in a skillet but in Romania during the first part of July we could fry eggs on our cars. The temperatures were over 100 degrees and hit an all time high of 120 degrees. Everyone was looking for a shade tree and people were warned not to be outside in the heat. During this time we had a team of 21 from Washington State camping out at Casa Shalom. They asked, "Is this normal weather for Bucharest?" No, it surely isn't. Then again, is anything normal anymore?

In the mist of the heat we were so blessed. We had all the water we needed while many had wells that went dry. Last year we were blessed with two air conditioners for the house. The kids were able to sleep. The hottest room at Casa Shalom was mine so I solved that problem by putting wet towels on my legs and face. It worked all right and at least we could breath. Then the American team went out and bought us more fans. Since we had no shade trees the best place was our porch, so that became our summer hangout. Now I want to plant some more trees and pray that they will be grow really fast so that we can have a little shade in the summer. The greatest blessing has been the van, for without it we would have already melted in the heat. We have had over 40 guests in the last two months and all of them have enjoyed riding in the air-conditioned van. No one enjoys it more than I do. I pray every day that God will bless the lady that gave it to us. The past 20 years we have battled the heat of the summer on the mission field here in Europe. Now as I enjoy this luxury I remember the goodness of the Lord and his faithfulness to us.

Another New Face at Casa Shalom

Alex after 2 weeks!
Alex on July 5, 2000 ===> Alex after 2 weeks!

Our little nest is full again with another little 3-year-old boy called Alexander. Alex, as we call him, came to Casa Shalom on July 5th and almost turned the house and the staff upside down. There were days we were all exhausted and thought maybe this is one child that we just can't help. We were at wits-end but God continued to give us just enough grace to get through the day. Alex has spent the first three years of his life in the children's hospital here in Bucharest. He had never walked outside of the front door of that hospital. When we went to pick him up he was horrified to think of walking out in the real world. The only world he knew was the hospital. We seemed to be so cruel to destroy his little world. His mother was only 15 when he was born so it was easy for her to dump him at the hospital. God had a better plan for Alex. Since Alex had never had any discipline we had to help him in that area. He is learning his boundaries and also enjoys getting rewarded when he's obedient. We see that under all the problems of adjusting to a normal life, little Alex is quite an intelligent little fellow. We believe he will one day make a great leader as he learns to submit. He loves playing on the drum so we want to stir up that gift and help him to be a little drummer boy for the Lord.

Building Plans

Becky in the village We have been waiting for our permits to put up our 75 ft. long and 39 ft. wide storage building. It has taken six months but we finally have a green light to construct the building. This has really been a battle. Originally the building was just going to be used for storage for food and a garage for our vehicles during the winter. The ministry is growing and we are running out of space. All my staff and I are working in one single little office. This is almost impossible with the amount of beauraeacy and paperwork we have over here. We want to use part of the new building to set up two offices for the staff.

We are also training our kids in ministry and they have outgrown the living room. I told the children we will believe God for the finances to finish off part of the storage building for a ministry room. It will probably cost us around 10,0000 dollars to put in the foundation for the building and pour the cement slab. I told the kids we need to believe God for an additional 20,000 dollars to finish off a big area as a ministry room and to make two more offices. They are excited and believe God can and will do it. I believe also that God will help us take the next step toward having a place that can be a center for ministry for Casa Shalom. That way we can have our own outreach meetings for the kids in our neighborhood. It will be a place where they can practice and store their instruments, learn to play the piano, and we can have our sound system set up all the time. It's amazing how being able to sing with a microphone really inspires kids. I am really thankful to the Lord for our children as they have a real sincere desire to be used of God.

Volunteers for Our Building

Bruce Chase is one of our board members from Morgantown, West Virginia. I had the privilege of meeting Bruce and Anne Chase here in Bucharest in 1996. Bruce is an excellent organizer and we thank God for his gift to the body. At the present time he is working on setting up a work schedule for men interesting in coming and helping set up the metal building. If you are interested in coming around Sept. 6th or later on in Sept. or Oct. please contact Bruce. His e-mail address is Some can help with setting up the building and putting in the insulation. Others may have experience in putting up drywall or putting in a drop ceiling. If you are willing to pay your own airfare, have experience in construction and want to be a blessing to Romania contact Bruce as soon as possible. His telephone number is (304) 599-4045. We want you to pray about coming to help. We believe God that the finances for the project will be released and that we can buy all the needed materials to finish off the needed ministry areas.

Furnace Sprung a Leak

There is an old saying that says "When it rains it pours". Our 20-year-old heating system from Germany needs to go into retirement. I know it was good for it's time and we have used it for the last five years. Two years ago it sprung a leak and we plugged it up. Then it sprung again and we had about six people helping us weld the cracks. It lasted another year but unfortunately it sprung again and no longer holds water pressure. That means we no longer can have hot water here at Casa Shalom. Cold showers are great sometimes but not all the time, especially for our little kids. A new Romanian heating system will cost us about $5,000. Now you all know that we don't like asking for money all the time. If it were for me personally I would not, but since it's for Casa Shalom and for our upcoming guests I ask boldly for your help so that our kids don't turn into little ice cubes this winter.

Ministry Teams

Ministry Team with Our Children
Ministry Team with Our Children

Casa Shalom has been enriched with over 40 guests from all over the U.S. this summer. We thank God for all that have come and imparted something positive into the lives of our children. Just recently we had a team coming from Hampstead, MD. They had a little Bible school for the girls. Then a team came from Arkansas teaching music for a week. Our biggest team was a team of 21 from Washington State. They were part of the Kings Kids U.S.A. from Youth With A Mission. The children came with their parents and taught our children how to minister with them. We all had a wonderful time even though the weather was extremely hot. One of the memorable events was going on an outreach in a village and watching around 25 American and Romanian children ministering together.

Mariana The village we visited was our little Marianna's. She started the meeting by giving her testimony. All her friends and neighbors were there besides a hundred others. She said, "I went to Casa Shalom and God changed my life completely and gave me a future". The people were so moved; I could have given an altar call when she finished. The children sang, put on a drama and then gave out gospel bracelets. Many prayed for salvation. At the end I shared with the village folks about God's love and concern for them. Then we were able to pray for those with special needs. Since it had not rained for nearly two months they had a real need for rain to save their gardens. I asked God to send the natural rain for the gardens and also for the spiritual rain for their thirsty souls. The last day God had already begun to work. We had a downpour, a real old-fashioned gully washer. It was the first big rainstorm of the summer. Now we are waiting for the spiritual rain. It's for this we are praying and ask you to join with us that Romania will see a revival come that will be like that gully washer and wash out all the man- made traditions and bring genuine revival to the thirsty souls in this nation.

We appreciate so much your part in this ministry. We are here and continue to fight for the future generation of children here in this nation. There are times we grow weary and like Moses pray that God would send an Aaron and Hur to hold up our hands until we see the victory. We know that victory is ahead, though sometimes we cannot see it. As I watched the children sing and praise God last night I know his plan for their lives is even greater than I ever dreamed. The anointing will break every yoke and a new generation will walk in freedom and fulfill the destiny God has for each of them.

Becky Walsh, Director, Casa Shalom

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Christian Faith Ministries
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You can send your tax-deductible gifts to our mission address in the U.S. Add a note stating your gift is for Casa Shalom. A note about sending packages: Please do not send packages to Casa Shalom. We cannot get your packages out of customs without great difficulty. Send any package directly to us:

Rebecca Dan-Walsh
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Remember, as soon as we receive your gift it will be completely transferred to help with the building expenses unless designated for sponsoring one of the children.

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