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Newsletter - April 2006

Volunteers in action from Virginia
Volunteers in action from Virginia (click to enlarge)

Building report / Flooding report
Volunteers in Action from Virginia

Today we rejoice in knowing that our Redeemer lives. The word of God says, if the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwell in us, it shall quicken our mortal bodies. Thank God we are quickened and impowered to do his will. We have hope and courage to press on through the trials that come our way knowing that God's spirit dwells in us. We always need to remember that our trials are just temporary. God is preparing us for eternity. We thank God for this opportunity so send a note to your door, just to tell you some of the good things that God is doing right here in Romania.

All winter and early spring we've been working on our new house. We are so thankful for the volunteer teams that have come from Virginia to help us. Our children were so blessed to meet all of them. The teams have been such an encouragement to us. We had two teams back-to-back from the Family Worship Center in Catlet, Va. and also a small group from the Fairfield Baptist Church. Thanks so much for coming and investing your precious time for the children in Romania. This new building will be a place for caring for and training many young people. I can hardly wait until we can open our doors for the children to come. We have a lot of work to do to see this happen. I just got an estimate of around 95,000 dollars to finish this building. We know God has helped us all the way. We want to thank all of you that have continued to support us and believe in our vision to help the kids in Romania.

Please pray for Romania. At the present time we are having severe flooding. Water levels have not been this high for a 100 years. Many villages are already under water and these already poor people have lost everything. The situation is desperate. We want to see how we can be a blessing to these people.

Reaching out to the poor
Uneducated Gypsy families live in desperation

Reaching out to the poor

On a regular basis we visit poor families in our local neighborhood. It's very hard to imagine so close to Bucharest people are living in such primitive, impoverished conditions. Some of them have no running water or electric in their little homes. The children are filthy dirty. We have taken the left over pieces of wood from our building project to give to them for firewood. We help these families with clothing and food. They are so thankful and happy to see us come. Hygiene is a word they don't understand. Some of them don't even know how to read and write. They have no address, no identity card and therefore can not even find a job. Now our children understand so much more the blessing it is being able to live at Casa Shalom where all their needs are met. God help us never to forget the goodness of God in our lives.

Click on the David Wilkerson link below and read the story about Sorin and Mirela when we found them on the hillside with the sheep. Now Sorin loves to read the word of God at our church services. He loves the Psalms, and likes to sing. Remember David started his ministry caring for the sheep. I'm also sure God has a special ministry for our little boy that lived with the sheep.

September 8-10 2006 Celebration at Casa Shalom
Becky's 25 years in Europe and Casa Shalom 10 years

Becky's 25 years in Europe and Casa Shalom 10 years We're all looking forward to September for two Anniversaries. First my 25 years of ministry in Eastern Europe and 10 years for Casa Shalom. It's going to be a big celebration with people coming from the States and parts of Europe. We hope that you will be able to join us. Meet the children that some of you invested so much in and see the buildings that you helped to build. You will not regret it, I promise you! Please let us know by the end of May if you are coming. This way we can reserve the hotel rooms in time.

Now for those of you that can't come we'll be preparing a special book of remembrances of events over the years. Send us your notes and thoughts about Casa Shalom and we will add some of these to our Anniversary book.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from us. We'll be updating our old websites. Soon a new site will be coming. Now God bless you all and have a wonderful day.

Becky and the Casa Shalom family

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Christian Faith Ministries
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You can send your tax-deductible gifts to our mission address in the U.S. Add a note stating your gift is for Casa Shalom. A note about sending packages: Please do not send packages to Casa Shalom. We cannot get your packages out of customs without great difficulty. Send any package directly to us:

Rebecca Dan-Walsh
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Remember, as soon as we receive your gift it will be completely transferred to help with the building expenses unless designated for sponsoring one of the children.

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