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Issue No. 16 September 1999

Mirhaela and Mirela
Mirhaela and Mirela

New School Year Begins

Mihaela and Mirela could hardly wait for school to start. The two girls with their new blue and white lace-trimmed uniforms ran out the door to crowd into my van. The other eight children squeezed together and there was room for all. They had been waiting for weeks for this day to come. It was their first day of school. Actually we were also happy for the girls.

Ready for school When Mihaela first came to us two years ago, we had to put her and her sister immediately in the hospital. We had to be so cautious with our super-sensitive asthmatic girls. They were in the hospital many times. We just thank the Lord that this is the first summer the girls haven't been in the hospital nor had a cold. This is a miracle for them.

Then our little Mirela - so quiet and bashful - came to us just last year with her brother, Sorin. They were the ones we found out on the hillside with the sheep. Mirela was so shy it was months before we could get her to say "Thank you Lord for the food." Now when she prays you wonder when she's ever going to stop. She seems to have so much to tell the Lord. We just thank God for the change in these two little girls' lives. That helps us to keep pressing on in spite of all the hindrances.

Our Blessed Garden

Our blessed garden

This spring and summer we were busy planting all kinds of seeds and plants in our garden. We had a super harvest of tomatoes, plus lots of beans, peas, squash, red beets, cucumbers, onions, garlic and pumpkins. Our egg plants set a record, bearing over 300 pounds.

Even the Romanians were surprised to hear about our blessed plants. All of our freezers are full and I had to go buy another one. Besides, all summer and fall my cook and the girls have been canning veggies until they're coming out their ears. We haven't had time to dig all our potatoes yet.

Our garden this year was a little too big for us to care for by hand. Some days my staff was working eight hours a day. I don't want them to think I hired them just for the garden as we all have lots of other tasks here at Casa Shalom. We are believing God for a tractor and most of that money has already come in. We just praise God for that sponsor. Now we need to get some machines for plowing, planting and cultivation. I believe we will also find these farm implements before spring comes.

Crisis in Orphanages

There is a very serious crisis here in Romania that will affect thousands of Romanian children this fall and winter. The Government here has not let the West know of the financial plight of the orphanages, or state placement centers, as they now call them. This year the elected state officials voted that each county would be responsible for the orphanages in their areas. They forgot to calculate that many of the poor counties have more orphanages and do not have the finances to run these state facilities.

In the last few weeks we have visited several placement centers where there is no money to buy food, clothing, medicines, or even enough money to pay the staff. Therefore, the orphanages are cutting back on the staff.

Which children will eat? Which will we let die?
Which children will eat?
Which will we let die?

In one hospital two ladies care for 130 babies and small children on the night shift. How long do you think they can resist without a salary? I have heard some centers had not received money for food for several months. The children were eating the vegetables the workers were bringing from their own gardens.

One Director asked me, "What do I do? We have no laundry detergent nor disinfectant. The sick children infect the others." She begged me to help her. Then she said, "I don't have money to buy food for all the children so we'll have to select which children eat and which ones we'll have to let die."

Even though we have our own plans for our big house we will keep that on hold and help with this crisis. I like to have a part in giving these children some love and hope. I believe you all feel the same.

Our blessed garden

At the present time we are building our storage garage and cellar for food. This building will cost us approximately $30,000 dollars. Right now I have around one third of the money needed but we need another $20,000 in October. This will allow us to get the building finished in time for the food and clothing container coming in December. We believe this is another way we can minister to people. As they see we care enough to bring food for the children their hearts will be open to receive the gospel.

We have different companies that are willing to donate food. We will also send new shoes and clothing for the children. I have decided to send new things as it will be easier to pass the customs inspection and everyone knows children love to get something new for Christmas. We will receive the food here in Bucharest and prepare it for distribution for the different orphanages in our new storage building.

Sorin and Nicoleta delivering Pampers Just recently Sorin and Nicoleta were with us visiting one orphanage with lots of toddlers. We had taken Pampers for the new babies that were abandoned. The kids enjoyed helping us take the much-needed gifts into the orphanage. When it was time to leave they hung on pretty close to us and when the door of the orphanage opened who do you think were the first ones back at the van? Yes, you're right. It was Sorin and Nicoleta.

How You Can Help

In November we will be sending a 40 foot sea container filled with food, new clothing and Christmas gifts for the children.

Your youth group or church can be a part of this project. We want to send the following items:

  1. For babies: sleepers or pajamas; small washable/ squeezable toys
  2. For children from 2-5 years: new shoes for boys and girls; sweat shirts and pants; underwear and socks

We will be sending for Christmas gifts a shoe box or zip-lock bag filled with the following items for hundreds of children. Write boy or girl on the label:

  1. tooth paste and brush
  2. some candies
  3. crayons and coloring book
  4. stickers, glue stick
  5. small toy for boy or girl
  6. small items kids like

You can send your packages, zip-lock bags, or shoe boxes to the following address (be sure to send the packages before November 3rd):

Haven of Rest Farm
Larry and Sue Hartman
123 Kaufman Rd.
E. Chambersburg, PA 17201

If you have questions about your package or what to send you can e-mail the Hartman's at

U.S. Mission Address

Christian Faith Ministries
Attn: Casa Shalom
P.O. Box 50538
Denton, Texas. 76206

A note about sending packages: Please do not send packages to Casa Shalom. We cannot get your packages out of customs without great difficulty. Send any package directly to us:

Rebecca Dan-Walsh
str. Donitei 15, sector 6
Bucharest, Romania

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