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Rescuing Children in Romania and bringing them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

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Casa Shalom

Casa Shalom ("House of Peace") is the name of our children's home here in Bucharest, Romania. Casa Shalom is also the name of our non-profit humanitarian, missionary organization registered here in Bucharest. It was originally called Shalom Missionsdienst für Öst Europa as we originally wanted to set up a branch from our German organization. We had to set up a new independent organization and therefore shortened the name to simply Casa Shalom.

This is a home with a Christian atmosphere for orphans, street children, and/or those from disfunctional families. Here the children have a sense of belonging to a normal family that cares about them and their development -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The children attend the normal school and are tutored to get on their age-class levels. Each child has a different capacity, and we help them to develop and recover what they lost in their own family situation. Casa Shalom has a capacity for 15 children.

Our Miracle Land

The Lord is so good. It pays to wait on him!

One year ago we wanted to buy the land beside our orphanage. The owners wanted an enormous price. As much as we needed the land, I could not, nor would I pay the price they were asking. We began to pray and claim the land around our house.

The first piece of land we bought for $2,500 dollars less then the original price. Now we can have a playground for the children. We desperately need the land in front of our house.

Last year another neighbor wanted $24,000 for his parcel of land. I told them the price was too high. They told me that they had someone interested in buying the land. I said, "That's all right." We prayed the buyer would never come - and he didn't.

A year has now passed. I felt impressed to call the neighbor and offer him a price much less than they asked a year ago. Amazing as it seems, they agreed to our price of $14,000.

We are so thrilled to see God moving in such a marvelous way. We see God is with us and the great thing is we saved $10,000. On March 24th, this parcel of land will also belong to Casa Shalom. At the present time we need only $4,000 more dollars for this piece of land. I know God has all the money we need and it will be there in time.

I want to encourage you my friends to wait on God. When you do things according to His will he will be there for you, too. This is the exciting journey of faith. I am learning to walk in a new realm of the Spirit. We are experiencing God's provision for us on a day to day basis here at Casa Shalom.

No Room in the Inn

Sorry, Alexandru. You can't come today. Our orphanage is full. Last week we had reached our capacity for this house with 15 children. Some of them will be reintegrated back into their families if possible. Other children will remain with us until they finish school or learn a profession. Some of them will always need assistance. At the present time we have a waiting list for children that want to come to Shalom and I believe shortly we will need to build another building.

"Sorry, Alexandru. You can't come today!"

97 Abandoned Babies

One of the hospitals we collaborate with here in Bucharest has 97 abandoned babies. They asked us if we could help them some months ago in taking some of the babies. At that time we were occupied getting our house up and running smoothly. Now that our house is full it gives us the time to concentrate on this new area of ministry.

Alexandra and Alexandru waiting for a home We know it's a lot of work caring for babies. We also realize from the past two years' experience that changing life patterns and bringing restoration to wounded children physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is also not easy. We believe taking the children at an early age will protect them from ending up on the streets. They won't have to go through all the rejection and hurt our kids have. Here you see Alexandra and Alexandru waiting for a home.

Pray that God will show us the babies we are to start taking in this spring. Pray for the right staff and the speedy processing of their papers. Many of the little babies 6 months- 2 yrs. don't even respond to their name. Why? No one has ever talked with them. It is so.... sad. We are praying about temporarily renting apartments in order to rescue and nourish more of these precious children.

Vali - Our First Teenager Success - Glory to God!

Some of you may remember that I took in our first street kids in May 1996. At that time we went regularly to the train station. I met Vali and Laurentiu, two rough looking street kids. I bought them something to eat and some clothes. They told me they didn't want to go back to the train station so I took them to Casa Shalom. Vali had lived on the street eight yrs. He was with me four months.

Vali When I decided to take in girls I had asked them to return back to their families. Unfortunately both boys returned to the train station. I was heartbroken. We didn't give up. My husband (Joseph) talked with Vali about going into the military. We convinced him, and for the past year he has been in the army. He worked hard and was a good soldier. He just completed his military assignment. Today he told us he was going back to live with his sister and that he had also found a job and a church to go to. I just felt like a proud Mom to have had a part in Vali's life. For those of you that support us, regularly you had a part in his life too. Thanks so much.

A Cry for Help

Just a few days ago one of my oldest girls, Tanta (Tan-sa) became seriously ill and Joseph quickly drove her to the hospital. She nearly died on the way. For some time she was unconscious. We had given her some prescribed cough medicine. Later we found out she had found some medicine and overdosed hoping to commit suicide. Tanta is only 14. Her mother left her when she was 8 yrs. old. Tanta has a learning deficiency, inferiority complex and a spirit of rejection. I need your prayers that God will give us wisdom in helping Tanta overcome. God wants to bring restoration to her mind and soul. Tanza loves the Lord and loves to pray. I believe God can set her free.

After Two Years - a Telephone!

telephone How would you like to wait two years for a phone at your house? We did; it wasn't easy. Now you can be in touch with us. When God blesses, He blesses indeed! We are also on the Internet. Send us your e-mail address and we will update you with what's happening at Casa Shalom.

Casa Shalom
Tel/fax 011-401-413-1658
Apt. 011-401-413-1740
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New Girls at Shalom

Speranta Speranta, our 6-year-old Gypsy girl. She was found at the train station. Her mother sent her out begging and getting food out of the trash cans. She was found infested with scabies, lice and sores in her head. She has adjusted well, and as with all the girls, loves going to church.

Raluca is also new at Casa Shalom. She is 15 years of age. Her situation is different. Her mother gave her away at birth. The second lady gave her to her mother to raise. Only four months ago the foster mother died and Raluca was left with an alcoholic woman and her boy friend. In desperation she ran away. We heard about her, and after hearing her story, I felt God wanted us to take her in. She has missed a lot of school, so it's not easy for her. She has a desire to learn, so please pray for her. Thank you for investing in our girls.

"Please tell me more."

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