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Question: Can Satan kill people? If someone dies in an accident, is it God calling them home, or is it Satan killing them?

Answer: Yes, Satan can kill people. He does so by smiting people with diseases, and through the action of people controlled by evil spirits. Also, the person may cause his own death because of some area of disobedience to God's laws and principles.

I believe, however, that someone may accidentally kill someone, when there was no intention in the heart to kill or injure. I would not say that Satan would be responsible in such an event.

However, God, who knows all and sees all, may for His own reasons, overrule the action and save the person from death, or He may, for reasons of His own, permit the death to take place.

Above all, however, God rules and overrules. If God chooses to save a person, neither man nor devil can do him harm. Remember that God permitted Satan to smite Job in his body, but did not allow his life to be taken. (Job 2:6, see also Luke 10:19).

There also comes a time in everyone's life that God wants to take that person home. The One who gave life can also take that person's life. He may do this directly, as in Deuteronomy 34:5-6, or may permit the person to die of an accident, or of some illness.

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