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Question: I am a Catholic and recently blessed my marriage at the Catholic church in my community. Now my wife has started attending a Pentecostal church. Is it good for the family? What does the Bible expect from both of us? Will I be right in terms of the Bible to ask her to come back to the Catholic church?

Answer: I am sure glad that you had wisdom enough to ask for counsel on this very important situation.

I am glad to hear that both of you are attending church. I believe that our country and families here in America would be a lot better off if they would go to church every week.

Your question in regards to your wife attending a Pentecostal church while you are attending a Catholic church is a good one. The Bible (which I believe to be God's Word and His authority on spiritual and moral issues) tells us that we are to first love God above all others (Matthew 22:37). If your wife feels like this is the church where she is finding more of Jesus and where this fits her style of worship, it is my belief that you ought to support her in this decision. Have you asked her why she likes it better than your Catholic church? I believe that the two of you need to communicate on this issue by expressing your feelings.

If she is going to the Pentecostal church because of a religious conviction, you need to allow her to exercise her will in this regard. Even though I am of this persuasion (Pentecostal), I do not believe that she ought to 'preach' to you about changing your church. She needs to be an example of what a good Pentecostal Christian ought to be like. I have no reason to believe that she is doing that; but I just thought that I would remind both of you that nagging each other about your faith does nothing to convince the other that you are right and the other is wrong.

As for this being good for the family and your marriage or not; well, that all depends on how much you love each other. If you respect her, you will allow her to worship at a church which she believes in. To be honest, if she is truly desiring to please the Lord, she will be a better wife to you, and will love you too.

In closing, I do not wish to criticize your faith in being a Catholic; but may I share this with you. It is possible that the reason why your wife desires to worship in the Pentecostal church is because that is where she feels that she can experience God the best. Some churches are only a cold and dry ritualistic experience; however, for the most part, the Pentecostal faith, which teaches the born again experience as Jesus described in John 3:1-8, offers a personal and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

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