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By David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson Believe it or not, miracles do happen today! I can give you the names and addresses of many who have experienced a great miracle in their personal lives.

Nicky Cruz now lives in Colorado. Not too many years ago he was vice president of the notorious Mau Mau gang in Brooklyn. He was vicious -- so much so, he once tried to kill his own brother. Seventeen victims were stabbed by him in gang fights. He and Mau Mau president Israel Narvaez roamed the streets of Brooklyn, terrorizing, fighting -- full of hate and violence! From 1956 to 1958, the Mau Maus were one of the most feared of all New York City gangs -- making headlines regularly.

Today Nicky Cruz and Israel Narvaez are both ministers. Both have written tremendous books, telling of the miracle that happened to them.

I was a country preacher at the time, and both Nicky and Israel heard me preach on a street corner in Brooklyn. I simply told them how Jesus Christ could take the hate out of them and make something out of their messed up lives. They were tired of the killing and violence, and their gang members were getting hooked on heroin.

I asked them to surrender their lives to Christ; and with a simple, honest prayer, they invited Him to become their Lord and King.

Nicky Cruz has become a legend, preaching to multitudes -- as many as 50,000 at one time. He went from gang leader to evangelist in just four years.

Israel Narvaez now lives in Everett, Washington, and he travels extensively, preaching the Gospel of Christ also. The Mau Mau gang called the conversion of both of their leaders "a real miracle!"

Sonny Arguinzoni pastors a church in Los Angeles, with a congregation comprised mostly of converted addicts, alcoholics, and prostitutes. He has also founded an entire organization of addict churches throughout the United States called "Victory Temples."

I met Sonny on the corner of Flatbush and Myrtle Avenue in front of a pizza parlor. He was a hundred-dollar-a-day junkie -- dirty, sick, and hungry. He thought I was a narcotics agent at first, but he took a few minutes to hear me out. He had been busted so many times, he lost count. He had no time for his parents or God -- all he lived for was the next fix. He busted apartments and stores, stealing everything he could find to pawn for drug money.

He was a con man, a cheater, a liar, and a thief. But drugs had worn him down to the bone. He was tired of the hassle.

I helped him kick his habit, cold turkey. But most important of all, Sonny turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Talk about a miracle -- Sonny walked away from his habit, his old con friends, the pushers and pimps -- and went to college, married a beautiful lady, and entered the ministry.

Today Sonny Arguinzoni is a respected minister, author, and friend to thousands of junkies and other street people. Jesus Christ took a nobody from a back alley -- and turned him into a man of God. It's a miracle!

Jacque Schultz had been a drug addict for years. She had been arrested for armed robbery and sent to prison on numerous occasions. She was also in and out of mental hospitals and drug detoxification programs. But she never stopped craving dope.

She introduced her teenage brother to drugs -- and held him in her arms as he died, only seconds after she removed the needle from his arm. When her boyfriend died of an overdose of drugs in her bed, she and a friend drove his body to a construction site, where they buried him. What a life of horror and heartbreak she lived!

Jacque was told about my ministry in New York City to drug addicts. She was told about Jesus and His love for her. She cried out for His help, and His love burned out all her sin, all the dope, all the bitter disappointments and haunting memories. Jesus Christ made her a brand new person. She went to Bible college and is now married to a minister. God's healing is complete! She experienced a miracle!

God Is Not Dead!

I get tired of hearing people say God is not real, or that He no longer answers prayer, and that the days of miracles are long gone.

Right now, all across this land, hundreds of miracles are taking place. Addicts who were once stoned out of their minds are being cured by the power of Jesus Christ. Prostitutes are quitting the tricks and the trade, and they are finding a new life of respect and dignity through Jesus Christ.

Homosexuals and lesbians, from New York to San Francisco, are experiencing this same miracle of deliverance from life-controlling habits. Christ is emancipating so many of them now -- organizations are springing up to assist them in finding a new lifestyle. I can give you names and addresses of many of them -- all of whom will tell you about a miracle that happened to them the day they started seeking the reality of Jesus Christ.

The same Christ who was in the world nearly two thousand years ago is still in our world today. He performed miracles and set sinners free from their sins then, and He is still doing it today. He is forgiving, loving, and guiding exactly as He did then. You may think this book is not for you because you are not hooked or wasted. But you need a miracle to save you from your emptiness, loneliness, and feelings of rejection. So please read on.

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