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Suicidal? Need Help?

If drugs, alcohol or sexual highs are cutting off your lifeline to living...

Think twice!

Stop this slow path to suicide or a life in prison. If you are personally suffering from suicidal thoughts, we encourage you to write today and request a free copy of David Wilkerson's book called "Suicide," while supplies last.

cover of David Wilkersons book SuicideHere is how to receive a copy of the book:

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Is suicide an unpardonable sin? Is it a one-way ticket to hell? David Wilkerson goes to the Bible for some very compelling answers to the fatal urge. Suicidals, and those wanting to help them, will discover in this book some simple, yet powerful, answers to this growing problem. David Wilkerson discusses Spoon Suicide, Double Suicide, Sudden Suicide, a cure for loneliness, Bible characters who went to the brink and came back, and the way to find a cure.

Suicidals only: Ask for free Suicide book written by David Wilkerson.   
You must state that you are suicidal.

An interesting book with the compelling power of God's Word.

German Edition
Wilkerson, David:
Die Antwort auf Verzweiflung und Selbstmord
Aus d. Engl. v. Szebrat, Matthias
Leuchter, 2. Aufl. 1995
144 S.. - Kartoniert
ISBN 3-87482-119-6
8,80 DM (8,80 SFr, 64,- ÖS)

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