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Missing Link Volunteers Needed

Type of Help You Can Offer

A. Behind the Scenes Ministry Opportunities "I WOULD BE WILLING TO..."

1. Become one of your faithful PRAYER PARTNERS, daily lifting ministry needs before the Throne of God.

2. Maintain a MAILING LIST for the purpose of distributing The Missing Link ministry prayer needs to all their online prayer partners.

3. Collect good new and/or used softcover BIBLES (King James Version).

4. Anonymously answer inmate letters via my e-mail account.

5. Offer my services as an online Christian counselor. Please state your counseling background. Explain what types of people you counsel or what problems you deal with. (We are looking for sound Biblical counselors ONLY.)

6. CALL Christian residential programs from our list at and collect information, using our Program Information Collection Form at You may choose from within your county, state, or region.

7. SEARCH for additional Christian residential programs online and/or offline.

8. Serve in the area of PUBLIC RELATIONS in my church, county state, or region. Yes, please tell me more about this! ____

9. Secure a speaking ENGAGEMENT for Chaplain Mario.

10. Check out the APPEARANCE of our web site with your web browser, checking for layout problems only, such as missing pictures, text going off the screen, etc. (Does NOT include proofreading or checking for faulty links.) ___

If your answer was "yes" to item 10, then please answer this question: Which BROWSER do you use to see the Web? 1) Netscape ___ Which version? ____ 2) Microsoft Internet Explorer ___ Which version? _____ 3) Other browser called: ______________________ Which version? _____


11. Help with checking for FAULTY LINKS.

12. EVALUATE web sites others recommend as links and give an evaluation report on what I find, as I see it.

13. PROOFREAD web pages and send corrections that need to be made.

14. Offer the use of my LANGUAGE translation software, translation skills, or HTML skills.

15. HOST and maintain Missing Link FORMS. (Forms do not work on our free web site.)

16. Anonymously ANSWER questions submitted to Ask a Minister at (ministers only). Please state your ministerial training and credentials.

17. Offer financial support.

18. Underwrite the expenses for computer software and/or hardware upgrade.

19. Organize a fund-raiser.

20. Provide a roll of 100 postage STAMPS.

21. Search for old web postings with our previous e-mail address ( and/or web address ( and, contact webmaster to please update to new web address (

22. Ask other webmasters to provide links to our web site.

B. On-Site Ministry Opportunities "I WOULD BE WILLING TO..."

1. Serve in the area of MAINTENANCE. (Must live in the North Central Ohio area.)

2. Offer my LANDSCAPING skills.

3. PAVE the ministry driveway.

4. Help with MAIL preparation. (Must live in the North Central Ohio area.)

5. Offer my JANITORIAL skills. (Must live in the North Central Ohio area.)

C. Frontline Ministry Opportunies "I WOULD BE WILLING TO..."

1. CONDUCT Bible studies in prisons. (Strong leadership skills and strong commitment required. Applicants will be thoroughly screened. Must live in the North Central Ohio area.)

2. Minister in MUSIC in prison chapel services. (Traditional sacred music only and extremely modest clothing. Send sample recording. Ohio area only.)

Please send me the following complete contact information on yourself so I don't lose touch with you:


1. Your full name:

2. Regular postal mailing address:

3. Your telephone numbers -

Home: Work:

4. Fax number

5. Alternate e-mail address:

6. Your web address:

7. Spiritual background (in a nutshell):

Now, if you find you didn't fit in anywhere above, feel free to suggest where you CAN help. We're open to all suggestions. IMPORTANT: Please keep the subject of your reply as:


This will help me organize your complete contact information into one file. Please, do not expect an immediate reply, as I am days behind in answering my e-mail. Now, I ask for your prayers as I do my best to organize this team of wonderful volunteers into an effective ministry team. Bringing deliverance to the captive,

Barbara Haas,
Administrative Assistant
The Missing Link, Inc.


Webmaster for David Wilkerson's Times Square Church Pulpit Series

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