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Issue No. 14 May 1999

Casa Shalom Children's Home
Bucharest, Romania

Our $15,000 Dollar House

In December 1995, I was asked to manage our present house which we call Casa Shalom. Little did I know that three years later our organization would own this house.

The German church that started the project had a vision but lacked the finances to operate this project. We took on the project and with the help of our sponsors were able to solve the problems with the road, the land, electricity, heat, and water. We have invested thousands of dollars in making the house even more attractive and spacious for the children.

We were amazed when the German church offered to sell the house to us. Then they told us we wouldn't have to reimburse them for renovation costs. We are only paying the costs for the old, original house which was the only one remaining in the area after Ceausescu decided to demolish all the others. Could it be that God had a plan for this house?

We are so blessed that God gave us this house which now has a value of $125,000 here in Romania. The Lord is good!

War In Yugoslavia

Many people have written and are concerned about our safety as the war continues here in the Balkans. Yugoslavia is a border country of Romania on the west. In the '80s, I traveled through all the cities in Yugoslavia and remember the people, the cities and all the new homes being built there. It does grieve our hearts to see how one power-hungry man can destroy a nation.

No, we are not in danger at this point. We have our children praying for the imprisoned Americans and all the refugees. We are teaching the children to pray for others and many times they surprise us by praying for people before we even ask them to. I know God wants to work through children in these last days.

New House Plans

The last three months we have been talking with architects and working on plans for the new house for babies. We have a beautiful house designed for 80 children plus staff. We do not have sponsors for a $800,000 project. I do not believe in borrowing money and paying high interest rates. I believe if God wants me to take in a abandoned babies, He can raise up sponsors for us. We are only willing vessels that love children and want to see them raised up to be a light in this nation.

We have seen how the enemy would like to destroy us and discourage us in such a way to just give up the entire project. For example, the real estate agency lied about a small portion of our property being residential. It has taken us months to solve the problem. The man working to solve the situation for us was seriously burned when his stove blow up. He was in the hospital for a month.

The man from the gov't who measured the land so that all boundary lines with neighbors can be resolved legally, was in the hospital one month with respiratory problems.

Even here at Casa Shalom we were hit by a virus and colds that cost us lots of extra money in medical bills. A few months ago I had to have an operation on my finger as I picked up a dangerous germ and it spread very quickly. We know that God is with us and gave us a vision to help the abandoned babies. We know Satan is a destroyer. We will not give up but we do ask your prayers.

House Project

Bruce Chase, one of our board members from W.V., was here with Jesse Fairfax to help with some repairs on our vehicles and house. Jesse has been working the last 15 yrs. on volunteer mission projects around the world. He came to talk with us about the possibility of putting up a metal building.

The more we discussed the advantages and disadvantages, we feel that at this point it would be best for us to put up a metal building. It will be easy for us to build in phases as we have the finances. We can have the entire building sent from America. Jesse said we can also get a team of volunteers to come and put up the building.

I was concerned about all the permits and specifications needed for this type of building. I contacted the company in America and immediately the president of the company got back in touch with us by phone. The American company has their own people here in Romania to solve all the logistical problems. I was relieved to hear that the company has already sent some of their buildings over here in Bucharest. This means that if we have the finances this building can be put up this summer. Glory to God!

The cost for this first phase of our building project is $300,000 for a home for 30 abandoned babies. It will also house some offices and the kitchen. This part according to the law must have a basement. Therefore it will be more expensive than the second phase of the project which can be put on a cement slab for another 30 children.

New need new sponsors that want to help us build this first building. This building will cost us an average of $10,000 dollars per child. It costs more than that to pay for the adoption for one child from Romania. Maybe some churches can make it a project to invest in a home for one of the 30 children. That doesn't mean we don't need small donations. No donation is too little or too big. God will bless what each one can give.

Our Casa Shalom girls visiting the state orphanage
in Cimpulung. The babies loved the attention.

U.S. Mission Address

Christian Faith Ministries
Attn: Casa Shalom
P.O. Box 50538
Denton, Texas. 76206

A note about sending packages: Please do not send packages to Casa Shalom. We cannot get your packages out of customs without great difficulty. Send any package directly to us:

Rebecca Dan-Walsh
str. Donitei 15, sector 6
Bucharest, Romania

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