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Issue No. 15 June 1999

Our new tent!
Our new tent!

Dedication For Outreach Tent

One year ago God moved my heart to find a tent for evangelism outreach in our neighborhood. The Lord provided a brand new tent which we have set up.

Mama and Papa Doorn and Mihaela
Mama and Papa Doorn and Mihael

We had a glorious dedication service on June 5th with our special friends we have known since 1981, Mama and Papa Doom from Florida. Cindy and Tom Johnson from Minnesota and 75 friends from Bucharest were also here.

It was a beautiful service where even our own girls played the mandolin. It was at that first service that we had the privilege of leading the mother of one of our girls to the Lord.

Alexandra was the oldest girl in our house. I almost said she was too old to come to Casa Shalom. Now I understand even more that our ways are not always God's ways. Mama Mihaela is growing in the Lord. Last week, at a prayer time she told me there's something on her heart that she wanted to share with us. She said, "I feel God wants me to be a missionary."

Alexandra, her mom and brother Mihai
Alexandra, her mom and brother Mihai

I was so surprised! How could this lady know anything about being a missionary? Perhaps she had been watching us and all the other missionaries she saw the last few weeks in church. (So, missionary friends, and you all that go on those short term mission trips, remember wherever you go, someone may be watching your life and want to be like you.)

We believe many more will come to know the Lord in the tent and many will go forth as missionaries from this place. We believe God will use this tent in a significant way in these last days.

Right now we are finishing our beautiful cement tile floor. Every piece is made by hand, even the staff and our own girls helped to make the cement pieces for the floor and repaint the chairs. There was a job for all. It reminded me of the old Testament Tabernacle how everything was made to perfection by skilled workers as the spirit of God came upon them. Now we pray that the Spirit of God will come and abide with us in this new gospel tent and that we can become a more powerful light in this nation.

Our New Well For Our Garden And Our New Parcel Of Land

We just finished drilling another well by hand. (No we didn't do it, but some Romanian workers did it for us). Now we have plenty of water for our garden. One of our girls had a vision of our big new house. She said, you know, I saw the house and there was even a swimming pool. That shocked all of us quite a bit. I thought the Lord was being rather extravagant. I guess we will just wait and see if that was God.

As I shared in our last letter, we do want to extend our ministry to reach out to more children and abandoned babies. We want to build a special home to care for them. The project for a home for 80 children and staff is going to cost around 800 thousand dollars. Right now we have to put that house on the back burner until we have significant funds to start that project.

The good news is we are buying another piece of land. We have negotiated concerning this piece of land for three years. It has been a battle for me, but finally we came to an agreement with the owner of this property and will buy the land for $5,500 dollars. On this piece of land we'll build a new laundry room and storage for clothing. Then on the top we'll put a little living room and a special room for staff.

Two More Parcels Of Land To Buy

The one piece of land 600 square meters, we are already using. It's our big eggplant and tomato patch. There is a lot of work to do until the deed can be put in our name. We are paying for the paperwork and using the land in the meantime. This piece and another directly in front of our house will cost us about $15,000 dollars. Getting this land is seeing another miracle take place.

The neighbor beside us wanted to build a house on the property. Now, through a miracle, he is willing to sell it to us. Praise the Lord! This man was determined to build a house, but God has changed his mind.

Bureaucracy With The Papers

At this point even if we would have the money we could not start our new house. The gov't doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry when it comes to working on papers dealing with the sale of land and building permits. We still have not received our authorization papers to build.

Another year is quickly passing by. In a few months, we will once again be preparing for winter. Usually our winters last at least five months. They are the times of our greatest struggles with our vehicles.

It is our most urgent need at this time to be able to build a garage for this winter. This building would have a storage room for our vegetables, room for our vehicles, an office and on the top also an apartment for guests or staff.

Mariana A Note From
11 Years Old

"I love Casa Shalom and Mama Becky.

"Here I have found a home where people care for me, give me food, teach me to pray, and take me to school and church.

"When I grow up I want to have an orphanage like Casa Shalom."

Our Honour Students

Our Honour Students Elena (14), Cristina (11), and Laura (9) are the first in their classes. Luminita (10), Andreea (9), and Mariana also received an award for doing well in school. We are grateful for this.

Our prayer is that the girls grow up with a balance in the development of their body, soul and spirit. We try to expose them to things we feel will help in all three areas.

They have their schooling, music training, and learn practical lifeskills, like cooking and learning how to work in the garden. We see them growing and changing. They like to give and help others.

Sorin, our new addition
Sorin, our new addition

U.S. Mission Address

Christian Faith Ministries
Attn: Casa Shalom
P.O. Box 50538
Denton, Texas. 76206

A note about sending packages: Please do not send packages to Casa Shalom. We cannot get your packages out of customs without great difficulty. Send any package directly to us:

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