The Haas Family Christmas Letter
December 2001

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Merry Christmas!

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That's the lineup, from the oldest to the youngest, taken this past summer in a friend's yard. They couldn't quite get Peter to line up his head with the rest, but that's just like him - always a step ahead of everybody else, keeping all of us on our toes.
    Five mighty arrows in God's Hands, willing vessels, full of energy and excitement, ready to face the enormous challenges of the year ahead.
    Our entire family wishes you a blessed Christmas and a glorious New Year as we step into this New Millennium, with all its uncertainties and exciting opportunities for ministry.

E-mail me! Heidi (26) - This gal's really making a nest for herself in Switzerland, her daddy's homeland. Right now, she's temporarily living with her aunt and uncle and looking forward to an apartment of her own.
    We're amazed at the way God has provided for Heidi in so many special ways. He has provided her with private voice lessons with a top teacher in the field, in exchange for housecleaning. She now works at a city hospital, and recently had the opportunity to do ride time with the city ambulance.
    She recently wrote: "We had this incredible snowstorm today....just great....accidents all over the place and people stepping out of the trams and falling flat on their faces because of the ice. One call after the other and good ones, too. It was GREAT!! We didn't get one break. Chest pain, fall, birthing complications, motorcycle accident, fall, seizures with trauma to the head. In the snowstorm, a transport that should have taken 15 min took 45!"
    This summer, she was home for eight weeks, spending time with her brothers and sisters and working for LifeCare Ambulance. She later returned home for a month in September to take further training and renew her paramedic certification - her real passion and joy.
    Heidi deeply loves the Lord and is reminded daily of God's Omnipotent Hand each time she looks up to drink in the awesome beauty of God's creation in this land of rich heritage. Pray for her as she faces daily challenges being in a new country, dealing with a new language, new job, new training, etc.

Check out my web page! Monika (23) - In May, I came home from David Wilkerson's Mt. Zion School of Ministry. I had planned on returning in the fall of this year.
    Things changed for me when I received a letter from the school board, informing me that, because of my health and how rough it had been, they wouldn't be able to accept me as a student for the coming year.
    The Bible school has not forgotten me. They constantly pray for me and have sent me flowers, cards, and letters, steady reminders of their love and concern.
    The fibromyalgia is a daily battle. You just never know how it might effect you from one day to the next, but it's something you learn to live with.
    Life has been slow-paced since I've been home, but I try to keep busy and have fun.
    Please pray that God will give Monika the rest she needs at night, lift this continual pain, bring complete healing, and fill her soul with His joy and peace, regardless of her situation.
    Lately her time has been occupied with a special diet, nutritional supplements, and special exercises. As you can well imagine, it's not easy having so many restrictions at such a young age. She has her ups and downs.
    I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you.


Rosemarie Rosemarie (14) has now reached eighth grade. She's definitely happiest when she's well occupied with a whir of activities.
    This year, Rosemarie's busy participating in art club on Mondays, junior vets club, teen choir, and Christian scouting program on Wednesdays, weather club on Thursdays, academic team practice on Fridays, church drama team practice and youth service on Saturdays, and Sunday school and worship services on Sundays.
    The highlight of Rosemarie's year was her Missionettes crowning ceremony at our church, which marked the successful completion of this Christian scouting program.
    This past summer, she enjoyed attending three youth camps along with young people from our church.
    Her keen ear and quick-witted answers easily attract hurting friends. What marvelous opportunities she's had to be a fine Christian influence!
    When she's not curled up in a corner with a good book, she's busy talking on the phone with a friend, preparing an assignment on the computer, or practicing on her new acoustic guitar. We pray that God will continue to give Rosemarie favor and wisdom as He calls upon her to use her many talents for His glory.

Paul (10) - Paul continues his fascination with computers. It seems every time we look, he has a new design on his computer desktop. He's always learning something new and never seems to be afraid of this new technology.
    Wednesdays finds Paul caught up in children's choir and the Christian scouting program at church. We were proud to see him win the Ranger of the Month award. He's eagerly looking forward to participating in our Living Nativity this year.
    Paul and Mom have been taking violin lessons together. What fun they had playing together at their first violin recital the beginning of December! We couldn't figure out who was more nervous - Paul or Mom. Now he's been asking to do a recital whenever company drops in. Oh, what fun!
    It's been a joy to see him develop a love for writing, producing stories even during his vacation time. Who knows? Maybe he'll become our family historian.
    Mom and Dad have been so proud to see the way he continues to find courage to stand alone for what he knows is right. Pray that Paul will keep his discerning spirit and always have a tender heart toward God.

Peter (8) - What an energetic child! It seems he's always on the move, so it's good when we find him curled up in a cozy chair, listening to a story tape.
    Once in a while, we even catch him reading a book or quietly creating a fascinating Lego contraption, and, believe it or not, he enjoys crawling underneath the electric blanket, taking a Sunday afternoon nap with Mom.
    Peter really enjoys having friends over and certainly enjoys participating in children's choir and the Christian scouting program at church. He, too, is eagerly looking forward to participating in our Living Nativity this year. Let's hope he doesn't give the sheep a nervous breakdown!
    We can see leadership potential growing in Peter's life. He's definitely a leader of the pack. He enjoys being out in front, receiving all the attention. When it comes to confidence, it seems he's got it all.
    Pray that God will protect this energetic son of ours and help him focus his boundless enthusiasm on things that will help him grow into a fine Christian boy.

Barbara (Mom) - This year, I was privileged to attend Christian Computing's Technology & Ministry Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. It was so encouraging to meet other fine people in Internet ministry and learn how to use technology more effectively.
    Later I enjoyed a trip to the beautiful Ozarks with my sister and was able to spend three days at a refreshing women's retreat.
    Although I've had plenty of help over the Internet, there's been very little household or office help. Yet the ministry level continues to soar.
    Our weekly Bible stories are now being sent by the hundreds to more than 35 nations, reaching from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Over 100,000 people have now visited our home page. Half a million have come looking for multilingual sermons. The list of practical help and Christian residential programs for troubled youth and adults continues to grow as more people find out about our web site.
    We're grateful for a friend who has been helping with the ministry to suicidals. Another friend has been managing Ask a Minister, which has blossomed into a team of 30 volunteer ministers.
    Now that Kurt's Unshackled! radio drama has been produced, I've been working on publishing the story of my father, a retired New York City cop. I only lack a few references. If you were acquainted with my dad and can vouch for his character or have a good story to share about him, please be sure to contact me. I'd really like to see this published in the coming year.
    In my spare time (ha!), I've built an online shopping mall as a way to help us with Monika's medical expenses, short of going to work outside the home. We deeply appreciate your patronage, no matter how small.
    Thank you profoundly for all your prayers and encouragement.


Chaplain Mario (Dad) - After much hard work, writing and rewriting the script, my true life story was broadcast on May 27 over 1,150 radio outlets and will soon be heard in 147 countries around the world. The story was aired by the well-known Pacific Garden Mission radio drama called Unshackled! out of Chicago, Illinois. You can now listen to it online by going to our home page.
     It's remarkable the impact a dramatized testimony can have. Our prayer is that it will touch many lives who otherwise may never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, I've heard from people I hadn't heard from in over 20 years.
    I also heard from a man in Bermuda who was there when a gang of hoodlums nearly beat me to death 30 years ago. He was able to give me a few more details about what happen that dark night, before Christ came into my heart. Of course, only the Lord knows how many lives are being touched as a result of the broadcast.
    This summer, we cooperated with the Bill Glass Weekend of Champions. During this one weekend, we had 339 volunteers in 12 facilities, presenting 91 separate services, reaching a total prison population of 9,844, with 1,899 decisions for Christ (1,115 first-time commitments and 784 recommitments).
    We just finished putting together another new language team, which brings us to about 35 altogether for our multilingual site for the Times Square Pulpit Series with Bro. Dave Wilkerson as the pastor/teacher. We feel a sense of urgency as never before, so we have to work hard while the window of opportunity remains open.
    Give us a call if you need help finding something on our web site.
    I cannot thank you enough for the powerful effect of your prayers over this past year. Together, may we continue bringing deliverance to the captive.


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