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Reasons Why You Need God (Text Version)

Part 1

  1. Without Him, you would not even exist. He is the creator of all things. You should show gratitude to Him.

  2. God made you to have friendship and to be useful to Him. What if you took all the time, effort, and expense to invent or make something that would be useful to you and then it turned out to always be a hindrance and no good to you? What would you do about it?

  3. There will be a Judgment Day and you will be there. God gave us the ability to choose between right and wrong, to obey him or disobey him, and He holds us accountable for how we choose. There is a real heaven and a real hell and your choices now determine your eternal destiny.

  4. God's ways and His plans are in your best interest. He wants good things for you which you will not have if you choose to serve God's enemy, Satan.

  5. You need peace with God and the peace that God gives. Turmoil, strife and stress can bring on various sicknesses and early death. You can only have real peace when you have God and God's will in your life.

  6. You need God's wisdom to guide your life so you do not make so many foolish mistakes that bring misery to you and your family. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction" (Proverbs 1:4). You will find the highest wisdom and answers to life's problems in the Holy Bible.

  7. You need the enabling power of the Holy Spirit of God so you can enjoy a life of fellowship with God and overcome destructive sins and vices.

  8. You cannot enjoy a life of purity and holiness without God.

  9. You need God in order to have all the wonderful benefits that go with having Him as your own Savior and Lord - God's Presence within and with you, peace, joy, God's blessings, His help and His grace, spiritual power, hope, love, confidence, a life of usefulness for a purpose that extends beyond this life, everlasting life, the possibility of laying up treasures in heaven to be received in life after Jesus returns for His people, the joy of service and worship, plus other benefits too numerous to name.

  10. You need God so you will avoid or miss the following:

  • The diseases of sin.
  • The expenses of sin.
  • The sorrows and shame of sin.
  • Fightings, Unrest, Hatred.
  • Bitterness, Disappointments of sin.
  • Short-lived pleasures of sin.
  • A lower quality of life.
  • Emptiness within.
  • Uselessness, Selfishness.
  • Loss of Self-respect, Self-esteem, Dignity.
  • Loss of real respect of God and godly people.
  • Loss of everything that is good when you have lived your last day on earth.
  • The Anger, Wrath, and Curse of God upon sin.
  • Hell and Eternity without God.

11. You need God so your family will have a good and godly example and influence.

12. If you miss God and heaven, your family might miss it also. You will be to blame.

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